Her 6th Birthday

Polka Dot Candles
Aries 6th
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
I can't believe she is 6! From the most serious baby to a little girl who can't stop smiling and singing. She is still all hair and legs. Her birthday was a simple Snow White theme, with black and white silhouettes. I made the invitations that you had to read in a mirror, they said "Who is the fairest birthday girl of all? Lips as red as berries and full of silly tricks, the fair maiden Aries this chill winter day is six. Please join us this enchanted day Jan 27th at 2pm - At the castle on the hill"
There was a different plan for the cake, one with a bunny and woodland friends, but that one just wasn't coming out the way it was planned. So with birthday girls approval we changed it up to more of a black and white cake with Polka dot and striped candles. Blowing out the candles she made a wish - one I hope comes true. As long as it doesn't involve growing up any faster than she already is.

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