Phish Dicks: Invasion 2013

Catwang'd by the Joker
Denver. One week from today. What will the boys do to top the S Show (2011) and the Fuck Your Face Show (2012)?

I have a half-baked theory that Phish pulled off those gimmicks because they weren't doing a Halloween show in 2011 and 2012, so they figured they'd get their ya-ya's out by tweaking the setlist.

With a Halloween show on the slate this fall, I'd like to see something non-gimmicky. How about six sets of pure fire? Then again, it's Phish. You never know what they're going to do on a given night.

The Invasion commences in one week. Luckily we have one of our home offices in Denver and the Joker called in some favors to rent out shelter space underneath the Denver Airport... to safely ride out the invasion with the Elites like the Queen of England, Peyton Manning's family, and Jay-Z/Beyonce's Illuminati child.

See ya freaks in Colorado.

You Enjoy My Mix - Summer 2013 - Vol. 1

Our friend Hal Masa from Japan sent us his latest installment of the You Enjoy My Mix series. Introducing... Summer 2013!
Summer 2013 - Tracklist:
PNC Xyed PNC -> SPAC Light -> SPAC Melt -> SF Reba -> HollyHood

Download You Enjoy My Mix Summer 2013

"How much for the grenade?"

"Then you can buy black one."

Trey bringing the LULZ in Barcelona.

Phish NYE MSG 2013

As expected, Phish returns to MSG for a four-night run including New Year's Eve. I'm pumped. I should hit my 300th show during the MSG run.

Ticket info here.

See you there.

Once Upon A Time in NYC: The Birth of Punk, Disco and Hip-Hop

Great documentary about how NYC in the 1970s was the epicenter of three diverse musical movements: hip-hop, disco, and punk.

Phish Hampton Night 2 Setlist and Recap: 10/19/2013

One down, two to go in Hampton. Pauly and the Cincy crew are on the ground at the Mothership while I'm couch touring in sunny SoCal. If you haven't already, hit up Live Phish for the webcast. A two-day pass is cheaper than an eighth of shake from your local w00k.

Here's Saturday's setlist...

Set 1:  GIN, Moma Dance, Tube, Fast Enough for You, Curtis Loew, Ya Mar, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, My Sweet One, Mike's Song > Hydrogen > Weekapaug

Set 2:  Ghost > DWD > Steam > Caspian, Boogie On, Theme, Wedge, Silent, HOOD

E: Quinn the Eskimo

Quickie Recap by Pauly

Saturday night rager. Gordo's voice was fucked up. Trey busted his axe. Page was en fuego and Fishman is still about 5% off. Regardless, the boys gifted us an energetic show.

All you need to know is... Ghost > DWD. Listen to that on a loop. Other standouts... Gin opener and a Mike's > H2 > Weekapaug orgy. I'm not the biggest Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan fan, but they rocked it out.

My bud S was looking for me on the floor in the first set. I told him I was standing next to the kid with an iguana on a stick. He found me in the middle of Mike's Song and handed me a joint and a fistful of Shaman shrooms. I was booming the rest of the show.

My crew had a hysterical debate before the show started about who was a better band -- Lynyrd Skynrd or Allman Brothers. Well, Phish weighed in on our debate when they busted out Curtis Loew.

Fun night despite the band's issues. Two down, one to go.

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Donez Weblog The decade has just ended and we are once again starting out on a clean slate. Nothing much or drastic has changed since the new decade has just begun and we are ...

MTV Streaming the Hangout Festival

Some confusion on whether or not Trey is performing on the live stream. MTV took it off their schedule. Looks like they are cock-blocking Trey and the bigger acts (Black Crowes, Tom Petty & Stevie Wonder). But, you can still see some other kick ass bands on two different channels over the next two days.

Anyway, line-up info here.

Watch it live-stream here:

Mad Men Meets Daft Punk; Kenny Cosgrove Gets Jiggy With It

Thanks to the Joker for pointing out this epic mash-up featuring last week's episode of Mad Men and Daft Punk:

If you dig Mad Men, I wrote a little something about last week's episode: Speed Men.

Tuesday Morning Key Bumps: Incredible Bongo Band - Apache [Break]

This Tuesday is extra special because everyone is dragging ass after a groovy three-day weekend and they need an extra-turbo boost. Here's a little something to crank up and get your ass grooving and moving. It is something that the Incredible Bongo Band derived from the classic break from Sugar Hill Gang's Apache.

Happy Birthday, Sgt. Pepper

Today is the anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It dropped on June 1, 1967. This documentary doesn't do the album justice, but watch it anyway.

And here's the full album:

Saturday Night Untz: Pong In A Tracksuit

This is Willie Burns' Pong In A Tracksuit, which is perfect down tempo music to play at the after-after-party at 4am.

New Phish Box Set: Ventura, CA - 1997 and 98

The new Phish Ventura box set features six CDs and some of the best Left Coast Phish from the summers of 1997 and 1998. The Ventura box set includes both complete shows at Ventura County Fairgrounds on 7/30/97 and 7/20/98.

I lived in Seattle in 97-98 and juggled a couple of jobs and scheduled my vacation so I could go see five West Coast shows that kicked off summer tour (Portland, Gorge, Shoreline and Ventura). At the last one in Ventura, CA, I was having such a blast that I wanted to stay on tour and keep the party going. We've all been there... you fall fast and hard and you're completely mesmerized by the music as Phish kicks your ass night after night and you love being in constant motion on the road and chasing the high and hooked on the scene and you don't want to leave especially because you met a groovy girl with butterfly wings and hope you run into her in the lot at the next show, but you're jealous that the circus is moving onto a new city without you. In the lot after the Ventura show I made a bold move and decided to go to the next show in Arizona. I was scheduled to drive back to Seattle with kids I went on tour with, but they understood my desire to go to one more show. Anyway, I caught a ride to the Phoenix show with a bunch of Oregon wooks and they had $3 among them and no gas money (yet of course, they had 1.5 pounds of homegrown blueberry and had a few zips of shrooms). I paid for gas on my credit card and we blasted James Brown the entire way to Phoenix and the Ore-wooks tried to talk me into doing the rest of the tour with them. Tempting, but I couldn't. I had to get back to work and even though I was broke, I luckily had enough room left on my Discover Card to buy a plane ticket back to Seattle. I didn't miss any work, had a blast at Desert Sky and actually got back to Seattle a half day earlier than my original friends who drove back from the Ventura show.

Ventura brings back fond memories. Both of these shows capture the breeziness of Phish as they blended their Vermont cow funk and embraced the laid back nature of Southern California. The 1997 Ventura show is highlight by a monster Bowie > Cities > Bowie. Meanwhile the 98 Ventura show is kicked off by a 20+ rendition of Bathtub Gin, and you also get to hear some incendiary Trey shredding during the Drowned jam at the start of Set 2. Oh, and the Halley's Comet encore only clocks in around nine minutes but it slowly and gently drifts off into the cosmos.

BTW, the stellar art on the Ventura box set is vastly underrated. Some of the best I've seen from other Phish releases with ornate and magnificent artwork on the individual discs. Perfect visual compliment to the music.

The Ventura box set officially comes out on June 18th. You can pre-order it right now over at Dry Goods. If you pre-order, you get some cool extra funky stuff like a bonus CD from Ventura 1993.
Phish "Ventura" 1997 and 1998 - Tracklist:

Disc 1 - 7/30/97 Set 1
1. NICU >
2. Wolfman’s Brother >
3. Chalk Dust Torture
4. Water In the Sky
5. Stash
6. Weigh >
7. Piper >
8. Cars Trucks Buses
9. Character Zero

Disc 2 - 7/30/97 Set 2
1. Punch You In the Eye >
2. Free >
3. David Bowie >
4. Cities >
5. David Bowie

Disc 3 - 7/30/97 Set 2, cont.
1. Bouncing Around the Room
2. Uncle Pen
3. Prince Caspian >
4. Fire
5. Encore: My Soul
6. Filler: Ventura ’97 Soundcheck Jam

Disc 4 - 7/20/98 Set 1
1. Bathtub Gin
2. Dirt >
3. Poor Heart
4. Lawn Boy
5. My Sweet One
6. Birds Of A Feather
7. Theme From the Bottom
8. Water In the Sky
9. Moma Dance
10. Split Open and Melt

Disc 5 - 7/20/98 Set 2
1. Drowned >
2. Makisupa Policeman >
3. Maze
4. Sea and Sand
5. Prince Caspian
6. Harry Hood

Disc 6 - 7/20/98 Encore
1. Sexual Healing >
2. Hold Your Head Up
3. Halley’s Comet
4. Filler: Ventura ’98 Soundcheck Jam

 Pre-order Phish's Ventura box set now.

Phish Setlist and Recap: 7/3/2013 Bangor, Maine - Summer Tour Opener

Official Poster by Julia Rothman

After a six-month hibernation, the Phish hath returned!

Finally. At last. The highly-anticipated 2013 summer tour kicked off in Bangor, Maine at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion. In the band's 30th year of existence, Phish mixed things up with a new set-up featuring Fishman directly behind Trey instead of way-out on stage left. Trey wanted to hear Fish better, so now he's right on his ass.

For a live-stream check out

Pic courtesy of @Phish_FTR

And here is the setlist for the summer tour opener...
Phish - 7/3/13 Bangor, Maine - Darling's Waterfront

Set 1: Possum, JIM, Stash > NICU, Wolfman's Brah, Rift, Theme from the Bottom > Chalk Dust Torture, Mike's Song > Silent in the Morning ** > Weekapaug Groove

Set 2: Golden Age > Twist > Backwards, Ocelot ^, Rock and Roll > 2001 > Cavern > Antelope

Encore: HOOD

Show Notes:
^ First-ever second set Ocelot
** Silent performed without Horse intro; last time 6/17/12 AC
Times: Band took stage at 7:53pm ET and Set 1 ended at 9:25pm. Set 2 began at 9:59pm. Show ended at 11:29pm.


Couch Tour Recap: Bangor Blastoff
by Pauly

I love being on the West Coast for couch tour because Phish shows start around 5pm PT. As soon as I get off work, I'm ready to rip bongs and grind Twitter. BTW, thanks to the guys working the streams. It's far from perfect, but I appreciate the effort. I sincerely hope Phish, Inc. gets their shit together and offers up audio streams. A free one like would be awesome, but I'd be willing to custy up a few bucks a show for a crisp audio, or subscribe to an audio stream for the entire summer tour.

Photo by @mkdevo

Phish returned to Maine. First show in Bangor since 1994 (that evening's Tweezer appeared on A Live One). You know phans are antsy when they're jacking off to the soundcheck.

Old-school first set. Perfect callback to the band's New England roots. The youngest tune in the first set was from the 96-97 era. Ninety minutes of classic songs. Not much jamming (Stash was the longest song of the set and barely clocked in at 12 minutes). Possum kicked off the entire tour. Stash popped up too early in the set to really scare the shit out of acidheads and the random Bisco-kid cooking on bathsalts, Four Loko and ketamine. Brief moment of cow funk with Wolfman's Brah, that barely lasted 10 minutes. Wolfie-quickie. Rift was equally stellar and irksome. The Mike's Groove sandwich featured a rare solo Silent in the Morning, seldom played without its Horse intro. Last time that occurred? Atlantic City last summer at Bader Field. They also played a solo Silent in Colorado for the infamous "S Show" at Dick's in 2011.

After a short setbreak, the second set kicked-off with a nod to TV on the Radio's Golden Age. The jam marked the first time the band hit the deep end of the jamming pool. We hoped that Twist would develop into a Maine-Monstah, but Trey pulled the first ripcord of the summer in favor of his self-indulgent, navel-gazing Backwards. My personal highlight was the first-ever second set Ocelot. I don't hide the fact that Ocelot is my favorite 3.0 song and I'd love to see it get stretched out in the second set more often. Page finally rocked out with Velvet's Rock and Roll. Short and sweet RR jam (nothing close to the Long Beach Beiber jam, though). Quickly seg'd into 2001 for a lobster-disco party (local pronunciation is "lobstah-diskah-pahhhteee"). Smoking Antelope capped off an 8-song set. Bangor was far from those fatty 5-song and 6-song funk-a-thons from 16 years ago. It wasn't one of those ADD-Trey second sets when he rattled off a baker's dozen of greatest hits inside an hour, but then again, only Golden Age and Antelope surpassed the 10-minute mark. Trey and the band kept everything on a short leash. Felt like they were holding back just a little too much after a six-month hiatus and their first shows since MSG's NYE Garden Party. Heavy-handed encore with Hood (watch video). Glad they didn't cheese out with something inferior. As the Joker noted, Page busted out a new toy -- a talk box.

Solid start to the summer. The boys shook off the rust and blew out the cobwebs. The circus moves onward to SPAC for a three-night run. If you're going to the shows, hope you're not stuck up on the lawn! Good news for couch tour rats... the SPAC shows will be webcast (plus buy all three shows and get a discount).

FYI... download the 7.3.13 Bangor show over at LivePhish.

Phish SPAC 7/6/13: Setlist and Recap - Night #2 Saratoga, NY

Official poster by Drew Millard
The carnival remained in Saratoga Springs for the second of a three-night stint at SPAC.

This show is being webcast over at (they're offering a discount for Sat-Sun shows).

Here is the setlist for SPAC Night #2...
The Phish, 7.6.13 SPAC, Saratoga, NY

Set 1: Crowd Control, Chalkdust, The Wedge, Funky Bitch, Heavy Things, BUG, Bouncin* , Tube, Julius, MELT

Set 2: Backwards > TWEEZER > Sand > Carini > Architect ^^ Wilson > Boogie On > Possum

Encore: Show of Life, Tweeprise
^^ FTP - debut of Architect (TAB song)
* Pauly Takes a Piss Song
Times: Set 1  began at 8:24pm ET and ended at 9:43pm. Set 2 began at 10:13pm and the show ended at 11:29.

When Page stands up, he means BUSINESS!

Couch Tour Recap: SPAC #2 Tweezer Cherry Poppers
By Pauly

Fink brought up the no Tweezer every performed at SPAC stat. Hard to believe, but it was true. I was at the Double Tweprise show with IronGirl, but yeah, SPAC was a monastery for Tweezer. Celibacy at SPAC.... until it finally lost its innocence. Tweezer's cherry got popped, finally. Typical first set game plan -- 10 songs sprinkled with greatest hits and anchored by Split Open and Melt. Second set was an 8-song jam-heavy set with another debut -- Architect -- originally a Trey Band tune that got called up to the big leagues.

First set started out super mellow and felt more like a west coast breezy chillax set. Something perfect for a lazy summer afternoon for a bunch of old hippies and neo-spunions. Gordo showed up with a scarf. His artistic statement was short lived. It was too damn humid for him to carry on his hipster chic for the rest of the set. Crowd Control is a commentary about us (every noob, jaded vet, wook, Phish nerd, casual fan, fourm-tard hater, ornery critic, and tour dog), and I don't think it's a flattering assessment about how they percieve us. Nifty surprise with The Wedge. Fish put on a drum clinic. IronGirl was stuck on the lawn. she sent me a hysterical text mangled by the auto-correct: "CUNT Bitch rocked. Gordo looks like Bourdain, I find him sexy in a weird way." Yeah, the c-word should be "funky bitch." I took a piss for Bouncin. I'm rocking couch tour and went right to my bathroom. Super cool lights for Tube. Digging the new setup. Remember a year ago when everyone was bitching about the vagina hoop lights? Julius injected some much-need energy into a laid-back set. Most of set was gentile like a basket full of fluffy kittens, but that gave way to sinister jam in Melt. Ending had a little extra pizazz. Biggest monster jam of the night (almost 19 minutes).

Page milking the Pumpkin
Second set resembled the first night... very jammy. Backwards opener. "This is a I'm'-gonna-wash-the-dishes-song" said my girlfriend. She noticed Gordo changed scarves. Tweezer. Finally. Downside? Got a ripcord. Upside? In favor of a sultry Sand. Page giggles during Carini. Wasn't as dark and dingy insane asylum crazed, but somewhat upbeat and bright. Longest jam of the second set. Another debut. Architect was toiling in the minors fighting to get in daily rotation on TAB tour, and it got called up the the big leagues. Welcome to the show, Architect! Anyone else see the bro who walked onstage during Architect? Nicky said she saw Trey say "Fuck" after the song ended. Guess he wasn't pleased with the version? It has potential. The Joker thinks the new song has Matrix undertones. We must investigate further (I'll put my best man on it -- a wook with a crank flash light, a couple grams of deemsters, a flask of Siberian glacier water, and a ginormous crystal). Bong-rattling Wilson. My walls were shaking. Trey flubbed lyrics during Boogie On and got thrown off track after he kicked a balloon and it exploded. Back-to-back Gordo boombox combo: Boogie > Possum. The Possum ended the 8-song set. It was much different from Friday's second set. I dug it, but if would have been a couple notches better if they opened with Tweezer and jammed that out for five more minutes instead of Backwards.

Hoped for a Stones cover + Tweeprise encore, but instead we got a cheesed out Show of Life and Tweeprise. I think Bug accomplished what Show of Life struggles to say and Trey does a better job articulating it with Bug, so SoL seems extraneous. Could have been a good time to try out another new song or even Sleeping Monkey or Monkey Man? I dig the Monkey.

Two nights down, one more to go at SPAC. Couch tour has been fun. But I'm itching to get to a show.

Here are setlists/recaps for Bangor and SPAC 1.

FYI... download the 7.6.13 SPAC show at LivePhish.

Phish SPAC Videos: Tweezer-Sand 7/6/13

From the official Phish account...

Phish 7/13/13 MPP: Setlist and Recap - Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD - Night #1

Official poster by Doe Eyed
After a wet night at Jones Beach, Phish headed south down I-95 and returned to Maryland for a two-night stint at MPP.

Here is the setlist for the first show....
Phish 7/13/13 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD

Set 1: Kill Devil Falls, Destiny Unbound, Taste, Halfway to the Moon, 20 Years Later, Maze, Yarmouth Road, MELT

Set 2: DWD > Free, Bouncin*, Birds >  HOOD, Architect, Mike's Song >  Simple > Weekapaug

Encore:  Waste, Good Times Bad Times
Notes: * Pauly takes a piss song 
Times: Set 1 began at 7:43pm ET and ended at 8:53pm. Set 2 began at 9:23pm. The show ended at 10:58pm ET.

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

CK5 during DWD via @Phish_FTR

Couch Tour Recap: MPP #1 - Bustouts and New Stuff
By Pauly

The 8-song first set clocked in around 70 mins. Kind of short and not the norm for this summer (first sets have averaged 11 songs and 90+ mins). Right off the bat, things were going to be different with a Destiny Unbound bustout in the second spot. First Destiny since Superball. Halfway to the Moon was re-introduced into the lineup. I dug that 3.0 tune featuring Page and hoped it would play its way into the lineup. I'm also a fan of 20 Years Later (phans my age get it) and Trey obviously likes it so they need to get better playing it if they want to keep it in rotation (a new-ish song is only as good as its execution). By Maze we got a consistent stream and Leo crushed the jam. Glad to see that rookie Yarmouth Road  get another shot. During Melt, it began to rain. Heavily. What's up with the shitty weather this tour? There's a strict 11pm curfew at MPP, which is probably why they cut the first set short. The boys are well behaved these days and color inside the lines. Compelling mini-jams in KDF, Taste, and Maze.

We had a decent stream for most of the 9-song second set, which had more tunes that the first set for the first time this tour. DWD, everyone's favorite heavy hitter, had a tight jam with some meat on its bones. Dynamite jam, but it was tough to top last night's thunderous Rock and Roll wet beach jam. Free was hysterical because of the schwasted girl withing vicinity of the taper. Birds never really took flight but had a smooth seg into Hood, which contained plenty of Birds teases by Trey during the intro. Hood jam might have been the shining star of the set. Got another crack at TAB's Architect. Simple was the lunch meat in a fatty Mike's Groove (that was almost a half hour). Schwasted girl was singing along with Waste encore. We got a bong-rattling Good Times Bad Times as the second encore with Trey's wanking reaching nuclear proportions.

 Good to see some old stuff and new stuff. Nice mix for nice night at Merriweather.

FYI... download 7/13/13 MP #1 at

Phish Setlist Gorge 7/26/13 - Night #1

Official Poster by DKNG

Phish returned to the Gorge in swealtering hot George, WA. The Gorge is a magestic venue and one of my favorite places to see Phish on the West Coast.
The Phish 7.26.13 - The Gorge, George, WA

Set 1: AC DC Bag, Timber, Wolfmans Brah, Funky Bitch, Happy Birthday to CK5 > Wilson, Possum, Tube, Secret Smile, McGrupp > Curtis Loew, MELT

Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless > Twist > STEAM > Waves > 20 Years LAter > Mango Song > BUG, BOWIE, Rocky Top, ZERO

Encore: HOOD, Fire
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Phish Setlist San Francisco 8/2/13 Bill Graham Night 1

Phish returned to San Francisco for a three-night run at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Here is what you missed:

The Phish, 8/2/13 San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Free, Meat, Oh Kee Pa > BAG, Vultures, Roggae, SAND, Circus Comes to Town, Bablyon, Reba, Halfway to the Moon, Golgi

Set 2: PYITE > DWD > Caspian > Farmhouse > Seven Below > Theme > HOOD, Faulty Plan Coil

Encore: Walls of the Cave

 Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

via @Phish_FTR

* * * *
We recorded two quickie Wook Patrol podcasts at the after-party...
Episode 6 - Marina Chicks Hate Phish (5:07) -- Three miserable snooty girls from the Marina got dragged to see Phish in San Francisco. The Joker and Pauly talk about their plight...

Episode 7 - Wildo's Anti-Woo Stance; To Woo Or Not to Woo? (4:06) - After a mixed reaction from the "woo" audience participation at the first night in San Francisco, Pauly asks Wildo to explain his anti-Woo stance.

Listen to the Wook Patrol archives here, including the Tahoe episodes.

Weird Euro Cover of the Week: Stefan Hallberg

Thank God we won the war.

Circa 1977 -- Hamburg Germany

Mellow Sunday in LA with Steely Dan

I would have loved to catch Steely Dan in the early 70s when Skunk Baxter played guitar with them, but my ticket to the show did not include access to the time machine to zap me back to 1973. Shit Steely Dan formed forty years ago. The dynamic duo of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen stopped touring in the mid-70s and focused on becoming a well-polished studio band. Over the next few decades, they brought in dozens and dozens of musicians for each album and pieced together a few gems. Fagen/Becker were accomplished musicians who wrote complex compositions but had songwriting chops to produce a few radio hits. You couldn't listen to classic rock radio for more than a few hours without hearing a Steely Dan song. Like most Gen-Xers, you either liked a few Steely Dan tunes (e.g. Peg or Hey Nineteen), or absolutely hated them.

I had previously only seen one Steely Dan show. Almost 10 years ago at Mohegan Sun Casino. I don't remember too much about the show except for the fact I had a bad seat and they played more stuff I didn't know than I did. I was more at the casino to play poker than to see the show and I got stuck in the back with all the drunk cougars from Greenwich yapping the entire time.

Then again, live Steely Dan was always hit or miss. Steely Dan was all about the precision of their studio albums. Bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead are all about soaking up the "scene" and eating drugs to enhance the live musical experience, so their studio albums never replicated that live "magic." For Steely Dan, the magic was in the studio. Just check out the mini-documentary on the making of the AJA album and you'll understand Becker/Fagen's drive for perfection by using rotating cast of musicians during that year-long recording session.

I finally saw Steely Dan again. Only my second show. They weren't getting any younger, so I decided to catch them one last time before it was too late. Steely Dan played two nights at the Nokia Theatre in downtown LA. It's part of their Mood Swings Tour and they called their backing band the Bi-Polar Band. They were a super tight and versatile crew including four horn players and three back-up singers.

Sunday's show was a totally different experience than my first show. I went in with low expectations this time, but was happy to see/hear Fagen and Becker still hold their own. Plus, a bunch of things happened in ten years and I had become a bigger fan of Steely Dan after I moved to Los Angeles. I felt a stronger connection to the music and lyrics because Fagen/Becker were also displaced New Yorkers living in Hollyweird. I finally had a soundtrack to accompany my frustration trying to adjust to the SoCal vibe. There's a certain level of poetic snark in their lyrics, which I grew more fond of over the years.

I went by myself. My girlfriend isn't a fan. So, I raged solo. Then again, Steely Dan isn't the type of crowd that I'm used to seeing a show with. I'm almost always on the older side when I'm at Phish shows (my Colorado friends make fun at me with the nickname "Brett Favre of the lot"), but I feel young at Furthur and Steely Dan. My girlfriend and I caught Bob Dylan at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this year. Everyone was sitting down. You could smell a few joints being passed around, but it was a mellow crowd. Similar vibe at Steely Dan, except not one joint. I wasn't holding and did not take in a vapor pen. I didn't even drink ($15 for a tiny-sized Margarita made the choice for me). Sober show, except a pain pill for my back, which I barely felt the buzz.

I found a floor ticket for half price ($75). Got it 45 minutes before showtime. Pit tickets were $275 a pop (plus fees). Scalpers wanted $500. No one was biting. At one point that price dropped to $150 for a pit.

Everyone was around me was at least two decades older than me. Lots of older hippies, but with money now. You had to flush. Only way you can afford to buy a pair of tickets, plus booze, plus parking.

Steely Dan (from Santa Barbara show); photo by Paul Wellman

Steely Dan played AJA in its entirety the night before. Sunday's show was designated "Greatest Hits" and performed almost the same setlist they had been playing the entire tour with three exceptions. I was hoping to hear two of them... Do It Again and Deacon Blues (while Rikki Don't Lose That Number was the other). Fagen made several jokes about their ancient age and the death of radio.

"We're playing the hits tonight. Stuff you used to hear on the radio in 1861 through 1871."

G-Money told me to keep a keen eye on Walter Becker. He switched from bass back to guitar full time. He sort of faded into the background some of the non-popular songs, but he tore it up on the "hits" especially Reeling In the Years. He even got to do rare lead vocals on Daddy Doesn't Live in That New York City Anymore. It's a deep cut, but again it one of those Steely Dan songs that has become the soundtrack to my life.

Fagen always did most of the singing, but he needed three background singers to hit those high notes that he once employed Michael McDonald to do (see above video). But Walter sang on one song and he told a story in the middle of Hey Nineteen, about blowing your savings and paying inflated prices to a scalper and then trying to get laid because your cougar wife is all drinky drinky and randy from the music, so you smoke some "cheeba cheeba" that's thirty years old and get some tequila, but you ran out. Which at that point of the story, Fagen and the ladies belted out "Cuervo Gold" lyrics to the song and Hey Nineteen resumed.

The other highlights included... Show Biz Kids, Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More, Do It Again, Josie, Peg, My Old School, and Reelin In the Years. This is a self-aware band that knows that if they want to charge $150 for a floor ticket and $275 for the pit, then they better play the damn hits... and play them well. They billed it as greatest hits and didn't force any "newer" material onto the audience. This wasn't a band trying to sell a new album for the record label. This was a bunch of legendary musicians from the golden era of rock and roll, playing their blend of rock with jazzy undertones.

During Peg, a few drunk ladies stood up to dance. No twerkers at Steely Dan. By the end of the song, a few more ladies had joined them. By the end of My Old School more people in my section had joined in. By the end of Reelin In the Years, everyone was on their feet. I was on the aisle and boogied down for the last two songs, plus the encore. For the last 15-20 minutes of the show, you really felt like everyone was totally into it.

Kid Charlemagne was written about Stanley Owsley. He was the Walter White of the 60s, but cooked up the best LSD known in existence. Good old Owsley, aka Bear, aka Kid Charlemagne. The boys ended the show with a nod to Owsley.

I got a great bargain for half price. $75 for Steely Dan was about right. They have 13 people in the band, so I hope everyone is getting paid real well considering how how expensive the tickets are. I had fun. I went in knowing what the setlist was going to be, and they added couple of songs I didn't except to hear. Nice curverballs. I went to see the hits and Steely Dan delivered. You know what those Danheads say. Never miss a Sunday Steely Dan show.

P.S. Here's a great video of Bill Cosby introducing Steely Dan on the Midnight Special show (circa 1973)...

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Ylvis

WTF? Norwegians are fucking weird, man. This is what happens when Norwegians get bored and snort too much ketamine.

Background Beats - Fall 2013

The largest Background Beats mix EVER is now ready to download! 

The Fall 2013 edition features 30 tracks and clocks in at almost 3 HOURS OF MUSIC!
01. Big Sur - King Of Woolworths
02. Vibration - Sabo, Zeb
03. Highlight Diver - Galaxy
04. Simmer Down Jammie - Rocket Empire
05. Didjital Vibrations - Jamiroquai
06. Beautiful Morning - Parov Stelar
07. Sunday's Best - Mind Soup
08. Acoustic Blues - Cool Breeze
09. Aoi Ame - Green Rain - DJ Krush
10. The Island Of Deceased Ships - Koan
11. En - Berkstroem
12. Deltitnu - Aydio
13. Campagne Flute - Backini
14. Rain or Shine - Aether
15. Crackback - Dadamnphreaknoizphunk
16. Am Horizont (Guardner Remix) - Rauschfaktor
17. Crestfallen - Galimatias
18. Gratuitous Grace - Erothyme
19. Dimension Shift - Magic Sound Fabric
20. 47 Burning Violins (James Bright Remix) - Kalabi
21. The Brain of Helmut Zaccariah - Future Homosapiens
22. Big Ole - King Kooba
23. Supernova - Benji Boko
24. Drop Me By The Stairs - Embee
25. Comfort Zone - Evil Needle
26. No Quarter - Beak Nasty
27. Vault of Stars (feat. Psymbionic) - D.V.S*
28. The Nutcraker - Projections
29. Kashmir Day Trip (Kuba Remix) - Entheogenic
30. Whomp Shanti (Mr Squach Remix) - Kalya Scintilla 


New Phish CD: Niagara Falls 1995

Get your red-hot new Phish release!

Let's flash back to 1995 when the boys blew up Niagara Falls. The latest Phish live release will ship on Friday. You can pre-order here. This 3-CD set also comes with a heady download link to get exclusive video footage of that epic night.

Here's the setlist:
Phish 12/7/1995 Niagara Falls, NY

Set 1: The Old Home Place > The Curtain > AC/DC Bag, Demand > Rift, Slave to the Traffic Light, Guyute, Bouncing Around the Room, Possum, Hello My Baby

Set 2: Split Open and Melt, Strange Design > Taste, Reba, Julius, Sleeping Monkey > Sparkle > Mike's Song -> Weekapaug Groove -> Digital Delay Loop Jam, Amazing Grace

Encore: Uncle Pen

And here's a sample video of The Curtain > AC/DC Bag > Demand that Phish leaked:

Don't forget, buy Niagara Falls 95 here.

Reflexology 1.7m x0.35m Walk Stone Foot Massage Leg Massager Mat Health Care


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Foot massage to stimulate reflex zones, promoting metabolism, clear the meridians, qi and blood, adjusting visceral function and enhance immunity.

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Not more than 20 minutes each time ,10 minutes for elderly and children.once a day or once every other day.

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Random color plastic stones


1 x Foot massage pad

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