Earth Therapeutics Mind/Body Therapy Anti-Stress Neck Pillow, Microwaveable, Lavender + Chamomile, 1 pillow


  • Anti-stress microwaveable neck pillow
  • To relax and soothe tired, sore neck and shoulder muscles
  • Designed to calm and comfort both the body and the mind
  • Ergonomically designed to gently drape around the neck
  • Hypo-allergenic, contents are non-toxic

List Price: $20.00
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Product Description
This soft cotton U-shaped pillow gently cuddles around you to relax and soothe tired, sore neck and shoulder muscles. Microwave for moist, warm relief from stiffness, strain + pain. Filled with flax seed and a special stress-relieving aroma-therapeutic blend of herbal essences, this Cuddle Pillow is designed to calm and comfort both the body and the mind. Ergonomically designed to gently drape around the neck, the Anti-Stress Cuddle Pillow enfolds you in its comforting embrace to relax and soothe tired, sore neck and shoulder muscles. A luxuriously soft cotton outer shell pampers and coddles - while the gentle, caressing weight of the pillow does wonders to relieve tightness and stiffness in the neck, back, and shoulders. The balmy, mind-calming blend of chamomile, lavender, and citrus completes and enhances these physical benefits by offering a totally relaxing, sensory experience. Safe + Effective; Hypo-allergenic. Contents are non-toxic. Product of China. sheet3 sheet2 sheet1 wen by chaz dean sweet almond conditioner,styling creme, re-moist mask intensive hair treatment,texture balm,wide tooth shower comb,5 piece set Earth Therapeutics: Anti-Stress Microwavable Neck Pillow This Neck Pillow is great for relaxing at home or on the go. Filled with flax seeds and made out of cotton a special stress-relieving aroma-therapeutic blend of ... Neck Pillow Microwave eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ... Find great deals on eBay for Neck Pillow Microwave in Hot and Cold Therapy Products. Shop with confidence. Earth Therapeutics: Health & Beauty eBay Find great deals on eBay for Earth Therapeutics in Nail Polish and Nail Care Products. Shop with confidence.

Background Beats - Spring 2013

Here is the spring 2013 edition of Background Beats. This one is a doozy, consisting of 20 tracks featuring some classics as well as brand new material from Bonobo, Tosca, Emancipator, and The Polish Ambassador.

Background Beats - Spring 2013
track. song - artist
01. Hyperlips -Com Truise
02. Every Day a Story - Fragile State
03. Antenna - Bonobo
04. Two and a Half Moons Away - The Polish Ambassador
05. Faded Embrace - Transient
06. What If - Tosca
07. Luna - Breezewax
08. Perspective - Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods
09. Wind In The Trees - P.SUS
10. Wet Floor - Koala
11. The Way - Emancipator
12. 08 Double Edged - Haywyre
13. Cruise Control 2.0 - Green Tea
14. Second Sunrise - Pnfa
15. Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix) - DJ Food
16. Music in my mind part 2 - Jazz Liberatorz
17. Gratitude - BoomBaptist
18. Space Lion (4 Hero Remix) - The Seatbelts, 4 Hero
19. Spacefunk - Puff Dragon
20. Riders On The Storm/Pink Solidism - Yonderboi



Dead Home Movies (86-89)

Awesome compilation of "home videos" that Justin Kreutzman shot of the Grateful Dead while on tour in the late 80s. You get a few candid interviews with band members and "behind the scenes" and "side stage" footage. There's also a Bob Dylan cameo and a hijinks with a dentist's chair backstage.

Mix: Michael Caine, Bitch!

This latest mix is from the Bitch! series, which also included the infamous Chuck Norris, Bitch! mix and the Steve McQueen, Bitch! mix.. The Michael Caine, Bitch! mix is a savory blend of Punk, Surf Guitar, Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, and good old-fashioned Rock n' Roll.
TRACKLISTING - Michael Caine, Bitch!
01 - Quincy Jones - They Call Me Mister Tibbs [Edit]
02 - Funkadelic - I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody’s Got a Thing
03 - Curtis Mayfield - Freddie’s Dead
04 - Baby Huey & the Baby Sitters - Hard Times
05 - Joe Simon - Theme From Cleopatra Jones
06 - Movie Radio Spot - Trouble Man
07 - Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
08 - Gang Starr - Just to Get a Rep
09 - Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks on Me
10 - Movie Radio Spot - Wild Angels
11 - Jackie Mittoo - Hang ‘Em High
12 - Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking
13 - Alton Ellis - It’s a Shame
14 - Willie Williams - Armagideon Time
15 - Movie Radio Spot - Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
16 - Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
17 - Bratmobile - Cherry Bomb
18 - GG Allin - Don’t Talk to Me
19 - The Misfits - Night of the Living Dead
20 - The Cramps - Garbageman
21 - The Gun Club - My Dreams
22 - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Wail
23 - Movie Radio Spot - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
24 - Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
25 - Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm
26 - Johnny Dollar - Action Packed
27 - Wanda Jackson - Fujiyama Mama
28 - The Tornadoes - Bustin’ Surfboards
29 - The Lively Ones - Surf Rider
30 - Ennio Morricone - L’estasi Dell’oro [From ‘Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo’]

DOWNLOAD LINK* - Michael Caine, BITCH!
(* download link underneath captcha)
Mix Title: Michael Caine, Bitch!
Created by: StayGlued
Inspiration: Grindhouse and 60s Exploitation

Mad Men and Daft Punk: Get Lucky

Last week, we had the first Daft Punk/Mad Men mash-up with Kenny Cosgrove tap dancing to Daft Punk. This week we have another one featuring Get Lucky...

Friday Night UNTZ: Willie Burns - I'm Gonna Get You (Hipstah!)

Another variation of Late Night UNTZ series. This one is a special Friday Night UNTZ and Willie Burns is back with a gem... I'm Gonna Get You. This is perfect down-tempo music for a 3am rendezvous...

Sunshine Daydream: Veneta, Oregon

G-Money recommended Sunshine Daydream, a bootleg documentary of the Grateful Dead show at Ken Keye's hippie compound in Veneta, Oregon from 8/27/72. This was one of those shows that was a must have in everyone's bootleg tape collection.

"Keep calm back there!"

FYI... stream 8.27.72 here.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Beastie Boys

This will get your ass in gear on a gloomy Monday...

Phish 7/19/13 Chicago: Setlist and Recap - Northerly Island Night #1 - Phishnado Cancels Set 2

Official poster by Rich Kelly
Phish returns to the Midwest for a three-night run at Northerly Island in Chicago.

Don't forget, Phish is webcasting these shows on

We're finally on tour. Follow @CoventryMusic for updates.

Here is the setlist for Friday...
The Phish, 7/19/13 Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Suzy Greenberg, Wolfman's Brah, Backwards, It's Ice, Moma Dance, My Soul, Scent of a Mule, 46 Days, Limb by Limb, Julius

Set 2: Down with Disease > Prince Caspian*

*= Aborted after less than a minute. Venue evacuated due to approaching storm.

9:49pm CDT: The live webcast was just disconnected and unfortunately, it looks like the show is over, at least for tonight. The road crew is striking the stage, pulling down the upstage scrims, and lowering some of the lighting rigs. Stay safe, folks.

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

Chicago Recap 7/19/13: Surviving Phishnado
By Pauly

I jumped on tour in Chicago. Finally! I couldn't wait to throw down for a three-night bender in Chicago, but got a hell of a way to celebrate my 275th show with the gig getting cancelled shortly after the start of set 2. A nasty storm quickly blew through Chicago, but was severe enough that it freaked out the organizers, who immediately pulled the plug. You always roll the dice with an outdoor show, but Phish has been getting clobbered all summer with rain.They already cancelled one show in Toronto, and after Friday's cancellation, you can't help but wonder if this tour is jinxed?

I knew it was going to be a weird night when I got caught up in a sketchy transaction in the lot with one of the most spun-out spunions I had ever encountered, who was severely gacked up and had an outline of a white powdery substance (I can only presume is cocaine) on his nostrils. The lot scene was weak (no vending and a Draconian scene resembling Alpine Valley's "no fun in the lots policy") which is utterly disappointing compared to the raging "anything goes" scene at UIC two summers ago. Everyone was seeking upgrades to the floor, while extras for the lawn were easy to find.

G-Money was solo up on the lawn, but he said the sound was better than expected. I had floor tix with Senor, his bro Javier, and Benjo (everyone's favorite French Phishead), who was seeing his first show since 1.1.11. Our friend Boogie joined us, who I haven't seen in almost 8 years. She was the culprit behind the glowstick smashing into Page's grand piano during HOOD at a Nassau Coliseum show in Fall 99.

Your first Phish show in a while is always a fun time... regardless of the setlist or how they played. It's like getting laid for the first time in months; that orgasm is always spot on. Plus, I got to see the show with dear friends from NYC that I don't get to see very often. Phish gives us the opportunity to gather together for a shared experience while we get to re-live some grandiose old times. The music is really secondary to the camaraderie, but then again, it was a totally let down that the show was cancelled.

What will Phish do to make it up? I'm gonna say... nothing special. They won't play 3 sets (wishful thinking), but we can only hope they bring their A+ game the next two nights. I hope I'm wrong and they play three sets, but I'm not getting my hopes up high.

Courtesy of @Phish_FTR

So what happened at the show? Suzy opener kicked up the energy level a couple of notches. Wolfamn's Brah is a song I always hear whenever I see shows with Javier ("They're gonna play it all three nights!" exclaimed Javier). I never talk during shows, but took the time during Backwards to catch up with my friend Boogie (she saw so many shows with out crew back in the day, we were all getting flashbacks all night from those wild, halcyon days in NYC pre-9/11). Ice had a tasty jam. Moma funk was welcomed with open arms. My Soul blues jam might have been one of the strongest moments of the set. Fish played with his new toy the marimba during Scent jam. 46 Days has a nice mini-jam. Wanted a more satisfying Limb by Limb (Fish usually kills it) and Julius seemed rushed. The boys cranked out 10-songs in 75 minutes, rather short compared to the 1.5 hour opening sets we had seen most of the summer.

At setbreak, Boogie showed me the local weather radar and the future looked grim. One of her friends was at Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field, but that had gotten postponed due to rain. When Phish took the stage for the second set, I assumed the weather was clear enough for them to proceed. (Meanwhile, up at Wrigley... Pearl Jam waited out the weather and resumed their show after a 2+ hour delay... but their fans had more places to ride out the storm, while we were sitting ducks in the park.)

Second set kicked off with DWD and I was a little let down by the jam (so much potential wasted there). We all wanted something with a lot more firepower, but Trey opted for Caspian. Someone had told Page that they had to get off stage. Page reluctantly walked over to Trey, who thought he was joking. Nope. Fastest Caspian ever. Got aborted along with the whole show.

Of course, there was some confusion... would Phish return after the storm or were we done for good? Cell reception was shitty all day at Northerly Island and it only got worse when the show was evacuated. It was difficult to get proper information -- was the show cancelled or postponed? What do we do? Stick around the park just in case Phish comes back on, or seek shelter?

We got stuck in the "tunnel" and a crazy little party broke out with a street musician entertaining everyone with his sax. Everyone inside the tunnel was jacked up with mixed emotions, but the tunnel quickly became packed and claustrophobic. At that point, we found out that the show was cancelled so we ran through the rain as quickly as we could to the closest L stop. That's it... game over.

First night of Chicago is in the books, but it was a disappointment for sure. Time for Phish to redeem themselves, right?

Phish Setlist 7/22/13 Toronto, Canada

Official Poster by Pat Hamou
Phish has not played a show in Canada since 2000! They returned to the Great White North for one night of mayhem... which is a make-up date after the original show was postponed a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, Phish Rain Tour will not be in full effect tonight and those fans remain dry.

Here is the setlist...
The Phish, 7/22/13 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Set 1: MoMa Dance, Chalkdust, UNDERMIND Army of One, Halley's Comet > Twist, Bouncin', Stash, Yarmouth Road, Tube, Ocelot, Suzy

Set 2: DWD > 2001 > Free > Piper > Tweezer > Silent*, Backwards > Cavern, Bowie

Encore: Loving Cup, Coil, Tweeeeezer Reprise ...
Notes: * without HORSE again

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Phish San Francisco Setlist 8/3/13 Bill Graham - Night 2; Plus Bonus Wook Patrol Podcast

Original Poster by Tyler Stout
One more Saturday night with Phish. It's the middle of the three-show run at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium....
The Phish 8/3/13, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Grind, Weigh, Alumni Blues > Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Lengthwise > Maze, Sample, NICU, Mound, Jesus Left Chicago, Driver, Timber Ho, Axilla, BUG, Possum, First Tube

Set 2: Rock and Roll > Steam > Backwards > Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug, Joy, Fluffhead, 2001 > Slave

E: Waste, Suzy

  Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

* * * *

We recorded a new Wook Patrol podcast the morning after the show...
Episode 8: How Not to Pick Up Suicide Girls at Phish and The Joker's Phishy Fortune Cookies (13:22) - The morning after Saturday's SF show... Pauly wakes up the Joker, who tells two stories. One is about a hipster dude trying to pick up a Suicide Girl... and failing miserably. The Joker then talks about giving out fortune cookies with Phish Lyrics.

Here are the other two episodes we recorded in San Francisco after the Friday show...
Episode 6: Snooty San Francisco Marina Chicks Hate Phish? (5:07)
Episode 7: Wildo's Anti-Woo Stance; To Woo Or Not to Woo? (4:06)
And here are the Lake Tahoe episodes...
Episode 1: What Do You Do During Velvet Sea and the "Phishy Chick or Hooker?" Game (2:53)
Episode 2: Joker the Tahoe Lot DJ (3:13)
Episode 3: Phamily Poker Classic 3 Charity Tournament for Mockingbird - Update (2:44)
Episode 4: Change100 Makes Final Table of Phamily Poker Classic (3:59)
Episode 5: Poop Your Pants (with Derek the Hitchhiker) (1:29)

Phish Dicks 8/31/13: Setlist and Podcast - Saturday

Official poster by Ken Taylor

Saturday night dance party. Second of three shows.

Here is what you missed...
Phish, 8/31/13 Commerce City, CO

Set 1: Buried Alive, AC DC Bag, Wolfman's, Yarmouth,  Fee, Halfway to the Moon, The Wedge, Halley's Comet > GIN, Bouncin', Mound, Gumbo, Antelope

Set 2: Chalkdust Torture, Light > 46 Days > Steam > Free > Joy > 2001 > Tweezer > Backwards

Encore: On the Road Again, Tweezer Reprise


BTW, here's a Wook Patrol Podcast we recorded at the after-party and the morning after...
Episode 13 - Dusty Bubbles - Dusty tells Pauly about how he tried to bring in a giant bubble wand into the Phish show.

Episode 14 - Tough Ticket Saturday - Joker, Jonas, and Pauly discuss the difficult ticket situation for Saturday's show at Dicks. Jonas got lucky and scored an extra after the show began.

Episode 15 - Fire Crotch and Twisted Nipples - Pauly chats with Leslie Fireball and Dr. Scotch about last night's hijinks. Leslie spilled her Fireball in her crotch and Dr. Scotch was molested by a drunk woman.

Phish Dicks Video: FULL SHOW - 8/30/13 and 8/31/13 and 9/1/13

This is ripped from the webcast!

Here is Friday's gimmick show...

Here is Saturday's rager...

Here is Sunday's show...

Type II Podcast: Phish Dicks 2013

I was a guest on the latest episode of UNOlker's Type II Podcast.

Other panelists for the Phish Dicks' episode included @FractalGal and @BizArchive. Yeah, I was the weakest link for this Dicks-centric episode, but I got to pick a couple clips like Ghost, Sand, and Chalkdust. Tons of fun. Always a great time talking about Phish Dicks.

Thanks to @UNOlker for the invite.

Download the Type II Dicks episode here.

Stream the episode here:

Phish Setlist and Recap: 10/26/2013 - Worcester, MA - Night 2

Ready for Round 2 in Woostah?

Phish - 10/26/2013, DCU Center, Worcester, MA

Set 1: Party Time, PYITE, Back on the Train, My Soul, Bathtub Gin, Ride Captain Ride, Stash, Simple, David Bowie, Zero

Set 2: Drowned > Light > Sand > Theme, Mike's Song > No Quarter > Weekapaug

E: Boogie On**, Possum**

 ** with Kenwood Bernard on drums


Quickie Worcester Saturday Recap by Pauly

Another wild night in Worcester. The nitrous mooks were playing lot chess with local po-po. Saw one trooper bust a tank and he knocked a knob off. Nitrous shot into the air. One drunk tried to put his face over it.

Went to show with big sis Lori. Ran into PhanArt. Shakedown super packed and claustrophobic. Sold an extra to Unolker. Bumped into T in the lot (again). Got upgraded tix via Fink again. Same section 102, same seats as Friday night! Saw more flying wooks leaping 20 feet from adjacent section trying to get on floor. Much more packed. More folks sneaking on the floor.

Fun night but I was schwilly so might not be best judge of overall quality. Then again, all my friends who didn't go to the show listened to the second set and they were gushing about it. I finally listened to the highlights and it stands up under a re-listen.

Party Time set the mood. PYITE got everyone rocking and I watched a dozen bros jump the rail. Personal set 1 highlights included Ride Captain Ride and Simple. They also nailed crowd favorites like Gin, Bowie, and Stash.

Leo gave everyone updates on the World Series at the start of set 2. Drowned > Light was a trippy beginning to a psychedelic dance party. The last few Lights were
on a short leash. Trey shredded the hell out of Sand. Mellow Theme and I was so schwilly I spent the first half of the song digging thru my packed pockets in search of a lighter. Turned out it was in my front pocket. Fink reminded me about the Mikes Groove with No Quarter sandwich from Dick's... and the boys delivered another scintillating performance. So damn glad they didn't run out of gas in the last part of the set.

Although I dig Kenwood Bernard, he wasn't sync'd with the rest of the band. Maybe a jazz cover woulda been better?Alas, Boogie On and Possum didn't pack the same nut-busting punch as if could have with Fish. Yeah, I was let down with the encore but the rest of the second set was all smoke. Heat. En fuego. Fire.

Phish tore up Worcester. Two-night rager. Seven shows in the books. Hampton 3, Glen Falls & Worcester 2 were among my favorite nights this fall tour.

See ya in Hartford.

Phish Setlist - 10/29/2013, Santander Arena, Reading, PA

Pauly's on a deadline so he's not at tonight's show, but rest assured he'll be back on tour in A.C. In the meantime, we've got your Reading, PA setlist right here.

Phish - 10/29/2013 - Santander Arena, Reading, PA

Set 1: Cars Trucks Buses, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Ginseng Sullivan, Wolfman's Brother, Sparkle, Walk Away, Divided Sky, Split Open and Melt, Julius
Set 2: DWD > Taste, Twenty Years Later > Piper > Backwards, YEM, Grind

E: Bouncin, Reba, GTBT

Phish Setlist and Recap: 11/1/2013 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

It's Night 2 of the Atlantic City run... don't forget to tune in to tonight's webcast on Live Phish!
Phish - 11/1/2013 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Set 1: Cavern, JIM, Sand, Halfway to the Moon, Halley's Comet, Tube, Possum, When the Circus Comes to Town, Sugar Shack, Jesus Just Left Chicago, David Bowie

Set 2: Twist > Gotta Jibboo >  Makisupa Policeman > Light >  Chalkdust, Meatstick > Boogie On > Wedge, Slave

E: Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley
Photo courtesy of @Phish_FTR

Quickie AC Friday Recap by Pauly

No matter what you thought of Halloween, lofty expectations were thrust on the shoulders of the band. if you were dejected by the Halloween selfie by the Phish, then you were anticipating a rager to make up for the controversial Halloween stunt. And if you were thrilled with Halloween, then you figured the band was relaxed and going into the next show with a massive burden lifted from their shoulders. One thing was for certain, when the band is loose and having fun, that infectious vibe spills over into the crowd. That's exactly what went down on Friday night in Atlantic City.

I had a rough first set. A schwilly chick dumped an entire drink on me. Then a bitchy, self-absorbed twat mouthed off to Javier when she stole his seat and he politely called her out. Yeah, location is everything at a Phish show. We had first row (AA) off the floor near the back of the soundboard, but a couple of security guards were posted right in front of us, including one hulking bouncer (who looked like Hank from Breaking Bad) who was getting off busting wooks trying to sneak onto the floor. Despite the added layer of security, both Igor and Josh hopped the wall. One kid paid off a lax guard to sneak onto the floor, only to be tackled by Hank the Hulk. Poor schmuck. The Draconian security detailed finally eased up. I kicked down some dank nugs to this one homie for looking the other way while Javier and I ripped blunts the rest of the show.

Before he jumped the rail, Igor pulled a $5 bill out of his pocket, rolled it up, and offered me a bump. I declined. He buried the Lincoln into a small baggie of Bolivian marching powder and hoover'd half of it in one aggro-snort. "Take another," I egged him on before I told him the coast was clear to jump the wall.

First-set featured an ass-shaking Sand which surprisingly popped up in the three-hole. Too early for a dance party? Never. We got a brief funk orgy with Halley's > Tube yet both were ripcorded. Just when the show was hitting the skids with Circus (Pauly Takes A Piss Song) and Sugar Shack (my least favorite Gordo tune), Jesus saved the set. "Jesus Left Chicago is a much needed catalyst," explained Javier. "Jesus saves!" I proclaimed. My Jewish friends were puzzled with a sudden outburst of the Lord, because I keep my McCatholic upbringing to myself. What can I say... after a weird and uncomfortable set, Jesus and Phish saved me. Finally back on track. Bowie was an exclamation point to the set.

Second set was anchored by a monstrous Twist clocking in at 20+ minutes that included minimal wooing and a corny "Under Pressure" tease with Fishman mumbling Bowie's lyrics. The Twist jam out had a couple of aborted mini-jams, but they kept plugging away until they found a groove they could all agree on. Gotta Jibboo is all about the last two minutes. The enraptured crowd went apeshit. One of those live moments that won't translate to tape. Makisupa Policeman was pure Phish shtick. The keyword was "OG Kush" and Fish/Trey joked around with Kush/Bush inside jokes. Kangfirmed... Trey is a stoner. He's off the Oxy train, but he's sticking to the herb life.

Light is a jam vehicle that has been downgraded in 2013. It's no longer the go-to song for deep space exploration. Sure, there were a couple of juicy versions of Light this summer and fall, but for the most part you never know what you'll get with Light... short and sweet quickie, or some serious sweaty, sultry long-dicking. Chalkdust was all smoke. En fuego. Some shitfaced brah behind us was calling out for "Fuego!" all night. It was funny the first six times and after that I wanted to kick him in the vagina. Meatstick is overplayed but I was so schwilly at that point that it didn't matter. Dug every second of it. I slurped down the Phish Kool-Aid. I'm ready to shave my head, wear flowing robes, and try to convert heathens at the airport to the Church of Phish. The Wedge always reminds me of Colorado and my friends from Denver, especially the Joker (who could not make it this tour, but he was with me in spirit). Last night I heard rapid-fire Slave teases in Ghost, but they saved it for Friday. Ever get that feeling when you think Phish plays a song just for you? I'm sure it was the molly-shroom cocktail, but I got that feeling. A sultry Slave ended the set. A rowdy Sneaking Sally finished off the show. I wandered out to the Boardwalk itching to play cards, but so fucking pumped that we get one more show.

Two down in AC. One more to go.

Don't forget, I recorded two quickie Wook Patrol podcasts with Fink yesterday. We discussed the Halloween shows.

Guest Post: Fink on Wingsuit

Editor's Note: Hello all... it's been a week since Phish threw us a curveball and performed 12 new songs for their Halloween album. Our pal, Fink, shared his thoughts on each song. Enjoy, Pauly

Wingsuit Review
By Fink

After multiple spins off Wingsuit, my initial thoughts are below. Note that I loved they played a new album for Halloween, I had such a fascinating and interesting experience listening with everyone to songs we have never heard, love the idea they are forming new music with the audience. It was a very special evening. I also want to note that these obviously aren't complete songs yet. Like all albums, some songs are good and some songs aren't. Not all of these tracks are good. ("That's just like your opinion, man.") I really find it interesting that most of the songs have a poppy repeating-like line. Also all the harmonization I noticed on fall tour was obviously them working on all of the vocals for these songs. There are a lot - like a lot a lot - of vocals.

1. Wingsuit. Will be sticking around for sure. Title track. Needs a lite bit of work. But really a beautiful song/idea for a song. Note that you can win a us open shooting par. Repeating line: Put your wingsuit on / It feels good. This song is sticking around. Excited to see its growth.

2. Fuego. Easily top 3 song on album for me. Jam potential for sure. This will be in the Phish rotation forever. Lots of interesting thematic changes. Repeating line: Inside your Fuego / we keep it rollin. Note that I will be yelling "San" during this song before the Diego part for hometown love. Apologize in advance. Can't figure out where the jams are from. Need to listen closer but any leads would be appreciated.

3. The Line. I like this song. Think it will be sticking around and easily make the new album. Might even have best opportunity for mainstream success based on lyrics, sports analogy. Repeater: Oh oh oh / Circle getting smaller, step to the line.

4. Monica. Another great song. Will be interesting to hear electrically. Like the back and forth lyrics between page and Trey early. Should be more of this. Repeater: Sing sing Monica, sing Monica. Think "Sing sing Monica" will become crowd sing along. Another really solid tune.

5. Waiting All Night. To me, crappy song. Really annoys me. Don't like lyrics, don't like vibe of song. In an album of repeating lyrics how many times do we need to hear waiting all night? What's the point of the mike bass drop? Again my opinion. Repeater: Waiting all night. Meh.

6. Wombat. Phunk yeah. My favorite song on the album upon first listen and only getting better. Love the rap aspect of it. This song kicks ass. Can't wait to hear it phunked out deep. Dance your ass off song. Love it. Love the changes, Phishy lyrics, pages work on this song is awesome. So excited for the MSG wombat. Wished they had dropped it again right after the funky theme on Sunday. Repeaters: Wombat, cuddly but muscular (or very similar variant). The new Tube. And it's stupendous.

7. Snow. This song sucks. I really have nothing good at all to say about it. Just look how it destroyed room vibe post wombat. Already know this is a piss song if somehow it makes the album. But doubt it does. Bee gees like harmonizations are not Phish's strength. Give me sun DIEGO to melt this snow.

8. Devotion to a Dream. Like the beat at the start. Then kind of boring. Not a huge fan of the lyrics. Don't like the it's today (insert phrase here ____) parts. This is a song that I like the music to but not a big fan of the lyrics. Again one man's opinion. However once the lyrics are over the jam part of the song is really good. Where is this from? Totally recognizable. Kind of a back on the train sound. Anyone? Love the jam, meh on the lyrics and singing.

9. 555. Really dig this bluesy number. Been liking the mike songs somewhat lately. Never thought I would say that. Kind of has an old classic rock sounds. Big fan of 555, especially since they bring back 8/19/12 San Francisco jam at the end. Not sure it exactly fits but really love that jam so much. Should the bluesy number end with the 8/19 explosion? Seems a bit tempered here. Side note: apparently 555 was Gordo's voicemail code and that's the inside joke on the title.

10. Winterqueen. I like this song. But it's so TAB. I really enjoy some of the Trey guitar licks later in the song -- again recognizable. Well be hearing this one again. But a bit too mellow for my taste. And so TAB.

11. Amidst the Peals of Laughter. I dont like this song. Sorry. Maybe because it's all lyrics and Trey in the beginning? Maybe it's the lack of music? I love Phish jamming the fuxk out. Trey strumming acoustically? Meh. Good song for the next Festival 8 acoustic set. Or again, maybe TAB? Not a fan.

12. You Never Know. I like this song. Weird knowing what it's about. Catchy/poppy song. Repeater: Maybe that bird needed a cage. Probably right in the middle of the songs for me on this album. Like it, don't love it. Again using the different singers' techniques, doing this quite a bit on this album. Think they will like singing about a dude that stole all of their money? Will it stick?

Thanks for reading. I have nothing but love for Phish, they have given us so much. And some of these songs are already incredible. I for one can't wait to see what the new album eventually becomes and even more so what these songs become live. Long live the Phish from Vermont. Thank you. You are the Best. Band. Ever.

Guest post by Fink... our good pal from San Diego. Check out other guest posts by Fink. He wrote reviews of this summer's run at SPAC.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Crossedyed and Painless by the Talking Heads

Here's the Talking Heads in concert circa 1980 somewhere in Italy...

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Trey's Acoustic Wilson Dedicated to Russell Wilson

Oh, it's good to be the quarterback of the Seattle Seachickens.

Who knew Big Red was a NFL fan? We knew he loved hockey and was roommates with Jim LeClair, but it wasn't until Trey visited Seattle before he expressed his man love for Russell Wilson.

Here's a video of Wilson with Trey encouraging Seattle fans to bring the Wilson chant to Seahawks games...

Yeah, this idea definitely beats a wook'd out Tom Hanks screaming for his Wilson volleyball from Castaway.

RIP Ray Manzarek and When You're Strange

Ray Manzarek the organist from The Doors passed away yesterday. The Doors did not have a bass player, so Manzarek often played bass lines with his organ. He was a jazz freak (along with drummer John Densmore) and tried to pull in as many external influences (not just different genres of music, but art and film as well) into his style of playing. Manzarek was a grad student at UCLA Film School when he met Jim Morrison. Yeah, two film geeks got together, ate some acid, and eventually formed The Doors, a name inspired by one of my favorite authors Aldous Huxley. The played some crazy shows. They wrote a couple of hit songs. They ate too many drugs and drank too much booze. Morrison had an epic meltdown. The rest is history.

Here is a link to a thorough interview with Manzarek discussing his film school days and Jim Morrison's fledgling career as an experimental filmmaker.

The video below is Part 1 (of 7) of the documentary on The Doors titled When You're Strange. Watch it ASAP before the YouTube police takes it down...

Watch Part 2 and the rest of the documentary here.

The Art of Punk: Black Flag

Great documentary series discussing artwork during the punk era. This of segment of The Art of Punk focuses on those miscreants in Black Flag and their incendiary logo and the punk scene in LA in the mid-70s.

H/T to Open Culture.

Our "Simple" Contribution to 33 for 33 Project

I was lucky to participate in Lawn Memo's latest 33 for 33 project If you don't know, Lawn Memo created a Daily Ghost Project, which was a thorough investigation (both musical and paranormal) into every version of Ghost. Every single one Phish played. Talk about an ambitious undertaking.

You can find The Daily Ghost here.

Lawn Memo's newest project -- 33 for 33 -- highlights one jam from every show in 2012. Different contributors share their thoughts on their favorite jam from a specific show. They've been going in chronological order and I was assigned 8/18/12 San Francisco, the second night of the San Francisco run and I happened to be at that show so it was a perfect match.

Check out my guest post on Simple from 8/18/12.

The second night of San Francisco was a greatest hits show (check out my recap for Coventry titled Lost in Space). Only 28 songs. Ha! Lots of ripcording from Trey. Only a handful of songs were in excess of 10 minutes (Wolfman's, Melt, Simple and Fluffhead). Both Wolfman's and Melt were in the first set and each contained quality jams. I could have easily written about either, but wanted something more challenging. Hence why I picked Simple. The jam was unexpected and so fucking out there and felt like foreplay before (and eventual) 2001. Melt was your standard "let fuck with all the acidheads" type of frenetic jam and Wolfman's was pure power funk, except they put their own San Francisco foggy spin on it. Essentially, you knew what you were getting into with both of those powerful jamming vehicles, whereas Simple is one of those songs that could get stretched out (like those melted watches in a Salvador Dali painting as I describe in the 33 for 33 column) and has such a wider range that the Simple jam could have gone anywhere. And it did.

Thanks to the gang at Lawn Memo for inviting me to participate in 33 for 33. Check out some of the other amazing entries about the other shows from 2012.

Don't forget to read about your favorite version of Ghost in The Daily Ghost. My favorites both happened in Europe: Prague 98 and Denmark 98. I'm a huge fan of the monster tag-teams from Albany 2009 (Seven Below > Ghost) and Long Beach 2012 (The Beiberlicious Rock & Roll >Ghost).

Fink's SPAC 3 Review: Never Miss a Sunday

Editor's Note: Our good friend Fink offered to write SPAC reviews for us. I thought he was going to write a final recap when he got back to San Diego, but he sent me this review at 4am. Enjoy!! Cheers, Pauly

Guest Review: SPAC 3 -  Never Miss a Sunday
By Fink

2:15 AM, Saratoga Hilton.

Woke up this morning around 10:00 and watched the final set of the Wimbledon Final (congrats to Andy Murray for ending a drought for England and 28,128 days without a Champion). Lawn Boy indeed. Afterwards, I hit the gym and struggled through a workout, ultimately completing an hour of cardio. Much needed. Not quite the young stallion I once was (or at least thought I was). After the sweat, I eventually ate a burger at Circus CafĂ© – it took forever to get our food (45 minutes) but the burger was delicious, they gave us 50% off, and we made some phriends at the table next to us.  I love the random interactions with the phans. We truly are a great, kind, knowledgeable and generally good group the church of phish-goers. Time to hit the show.

Never miss a Sunday. I closed my last post with this line and open this one with it because its true. Phish has crushed 3 of the past 4 Sundays, 4 of 5 if you include SPAC last year: 12/30/12 (DWD->20YL->Carini!!!!), 9/2/12 (second set magic, one of my favorite Sands ever), and 8/19/12 (Xeyed->Light->Sally->Xeyed). 

Unfortunately, (my friend) Trey and Megan had to go back today. However, this was a good sign that shit was really going to blow up tonight. Sunday + Trey leaving mid run = THROWDOWN. The last time my bud Trey had to leave tour early was on the morning of 8/19/12. To be fair, we were at the end of a 10-day bachelor party for the Wookie and dude takes care of business, but that didn’t stop a group of us from going to the show.  You know what happened next, especially if you were in the house – one of the best Phish sets I have ever seen, one of those that you had to be there for. 

We picked up Lisa and Garcia, and Carmine, Wookie, Lauren, Adam, Vanessa and I completed our 8-pack. After cruising Shakedown for a bit, we made our way into the Pavilion. It poured 20 minutes before the show started but we were up in the front of the plane again, dead center 20 rows up. 

Fashion Update: Carmine wore a specially designed tie-dye moo-moo based on Fish's moo-moo and big matching glasses and tie dye socks. Adam again came correct with a linen shirt, polka dot handkerchief and bright green pants. The girls all went with shorts and tank tops, I was sporting my "Sunday Funday" shirt.  It will be my go to Sunday shirt for the tour.

Again, social media blackout and no re-listen…

Set 1

Phish isn’t messing around tonight. The first set was one of the best first sets I have ever seen. No shit. I called a Bag opener every show this run (interesting that they opened with it last year's Sunday SPAC show as well); the boys were en fuego right out of the gate. I love Back on the Train and this version was incredible. I can’t wait to go back and give this one a re-listen but they were getting DOWN, we were getting DOWN, Page was outright devouring sandwiches (I still have no idea where that reference comes from – can somebody clue me in?).

Divided Sky showed just how tight the boys were going to be tonight – did they miss a note the entire?  We had a wager going on the length of the pause, setting the over/under at 45 seconds (Editor's note: it was close to 75 seconds). They went well beyond that as Trey kept visually teasing that he was going to start it back up. Again the band was feeding off the crowd, again an incredible response all night by the phans. The dynamic is so important at a show between the band and the crowd and there isn’t an audience anywhere with the enthusiasm of a Phish audience. 

Free was nailed – to me one of the most beautiful guitar licks ever written by Trey. And the Its Ice was tight. Mound was executed and a fun song, when the high hat was started, there was no Maze/Bowiedebate since Bowie had already been played. Phish crushed it yet another song; it was a DOPE-a-Maze. A good Limb by Limb but standard set up Walls of the Cave to close the set and what a walls it was. Beautifully done, that was top shelf Phish. The first set felt like a second set and will be listened to again and again. Standing ovation Phish, well done. Any questions?

Set 2

DWD in its standard open up the second set spot was on point. They boys were locked in, super tight and dropping bombs. I suffered a case of Jamnesia (definition below) and forgot what song they were playing.
JAMNESIA  (jam·ne·sia). Noun. 1: A loss of memory in the middle of a Phish jam forgetting what song they are playing. 2. Forgetting post show what songs Phish had played.
I heard teases of Twist and thought for sure we were getting it at some point (especially with a Piper) but it never came as they dropped into Ghost. I cant wait to hear what @LawnMemo has to say about this version, but to me it was truly excellent, beautiful, funky, great Phish. One of my favorite songs, perfectly placed and executed.  

Carmine and Lisa have a daughter named Piper and every run I go on with them we get a Piper – just one of those things. Lisa could only do Sunday so the Phish from Vermont saved it for her. Piper is 4 years old and I remember when she was 2 she knew the lyrics to Ghost (but wanted us to fast forward though the jam). You can never teach them too young. Anyway, the Piper was so incredible, it seemed like Trey gave every ounce of himself to that song. Standing ovation, what a start to the second set.

Velvet Sea – like Pauly, not a fan of the song – was a well-earned break for the boys and a good time to take a break for the crowd, hit the bathroom, etc. Run Like a Meatstick was classic Phish – they destroyed with precision one of their go-to songs and of course added some wacky Phish-iness with the lyrics. Meatstick came next – not my favorite tune but appropriate given the Meatlope and a set closing YEM that will immediately jump right to the top of the 3.0 discussions. While YEM is a long song for sometimes a short payoff, the payoff this time was so well worth it. Beautiful, patient, funky, back to patient jamming with a Trey dance, dude has some moves. Top-shelf Phish.

At the encore we didn’t have to huddle about deciding to bail. After this show and this run overall, we were glued to our spots until the end (literally – we eventually left when security started rounding everyone up).

The Loving Cup encore was a perfect, if predictable, closer to an incredible night, start to finish, of one of the most complete shows of Phish I have ever seen. They are at the absolute top of their game; Summer 2013 is going to go down in Phishtory. Phish is next level right now. Who cares about what they did in the past? Enjoy Phish, they are as good as they have ever been RIGHT NOW. We are so lucky to be a part of it.

Post show we were heading out to the lot and a dude randomly comes up to us and gives us 2 of his posters (Wilson was his name) for free! We immediately started hawking them for $20 in front of him. Seriously, this is some some of the best art I have seen for this specific run - I was not much of a fan of what I saw created for this run, including the official prints (especially when compared to last years).

We then walked to the street with barely any hope of finding a cab but one magically appeared. We hopped in with two random girls that Carmine was going to bite and had a mini-dance party on the ride back to the hotel. We grabbed some pizza, Carmine was begging us to go to Twiddle but calmer heads prevailed and we returned to the hotel. I was so stoked from the show tonight I went out to hang solo in the garden area outside the hotel to hang with the people. I started DJing with my Bluetooth stereo and a mini party formed. A live band played for a bit but the group then demanded that I get back to DJing. At one point the pizza delivery guy came to the hotel and went inside. A dude from the party jumped in his car and started doing circles around and around the driveway. Not necessarily cool, but pretty damn funny to the 25 of us hanging outside at the time. 

And that concludes my reporting from SPAC. Thanks again to Pauly for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. It has been fun, however, I am looking forward to the return of our regularly scheduled professional blogging.

Guest post by Fink... our good pal from San Diego. Check out Fink's Review of the Friday 7/5/13 show. and Fink's Review of Saturday 7/6/13.


 FYI... here is the complete setlist and Pauly's couch touch review of 7/7/13

Phish Videos: Wedge 7/12/13

From Jones Beach...

Phish Videos: Tahoe 36-Minute Tweezer 7/31/13

Here it is...

Phish Setlist Hollywood Bowl 8/5/13 and New Wook Patrol Podcasts

Poster by James Flames
Phish ends their west coast swing in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl.

Here is the setlist...
The Phish, 8/5/13 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Moma Dance, Sparkle, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Lawn Boy, Wolfman's Brah, Roses are Free, Scent of a Mule*, Ocelot, Cavern, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Set 2: Chalkdust, Golden Age > Birds, Sand > DWD, My Friend My Friend, HOOD, Zero

E: Loving Cup

*= with drum solo featuring all band members  

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.


We posted three new Wook Patrol Podcasts!
Episode 9: Hollywood Bowl Traffic Jam (1:46) - While stuck in a huge crowd waiting to cross the street, Pauly chats with Broseph about their encounter with an eclectic cross-section of people at the Hollywood Bowl.

Episode 10L.A. vs. S.F. and Sneaking in Fireball (with Leslie) (6:54) - Pauly chats with Leslie the morning after the Hollywood Bowl show. They discuss the differences between L.A. and S.F. crowds, along with her secrets for sneaking Fireball into shows. Plus, Pauly pontificates on why Phish has only done 1 show in Texas in 3.0.

Episode 11: Hollywook Bowl (with Broseph) (4:29) - Broseph tellsPauly about his wookery adventures while angle-shooting inept beer vendors at the Hollywood Bowl.

Check out the Wook Patrol archives and listen to the other episodes we recorded at Tahoe and San Francisco.

Quickies: Phish Hollywook Bowl Recap

By Pauly

The Bowl was fun because I arrived in LA with very low expectations of the show and got obliterated (last night of tour) so everything was gravy. Sure, the tour closer included a phenomenal Harry Hood, but that was one of the few standouts from an ordinary "greatest hits" show. Hollywood is a company town run by well-tanned show biz mafioso types. Maybe it was the cumulative effects of the encyclopedia of intoxicants I ingested the previous two weeks, but I had this image that the Bowl show was Hollywood's version of trying to put on a Phish show. But Holly-fucking-wood always manages to screw something up and the final product becomes watered down and cheesy. Heck, I wasn't even 100% certain that Phish was actually onstage. Maybe I smoked too much DMT in Tahoe because for most of the show I was convinced that Phish was actually a complex hologram created by George Lucas. The fab four were heading back to Vermont/NY with their families, while their fabricated projected  images were performing a greatest hits set at the Bowl! Hollywood magic meets Phish alchemy. Hollywood suits are amazing media manipulators, which is why many of them are in cahoots with the CIA. Hollywood suits convinced us that Britney Spears could actually sing and that J.Lo could actually act, so keeping schwilly ketamine-eating zombies mildly entertained with a Phishy hologram at the Bowl is like shooting fish in a barrel. However, when the boys shredded that 22-minute Hood, any illusions of Hologram Phish were quickly dismissed. It was a fun theory while it lasted. Welcome to Hollyweird.

 We woke up in San Francisco on Monday morning after four hard nights of partying and three straight shows at Bill Graham. Most of the crew was heading back to Colorado, including the Joker. I snuck out of the city without hitting any traffic. My girlfriend (Change100) and drove the entire way back to LA, which we had done more times than we could count. We made excellent time with Broseph and Leslie right behind us. I had not been home in three weeks and it felt like three months following the circus... LA > Chicago > San Francisco > Mt. Shasta > Portland > Seattle > The Gorge > Methford, OR > Lake Tahoe > San Francisco > LA. We had a brief pre-party on my couch in the Slums of Beverly Hills before we left for the Hollywood Bowl.

We thought we gave ourselves plenty of time (traffic included), yet we got stuck in one of the worst jams I had ever experienced. Figured a Tube was coming... and that we earned a big one. We didn't bring any Fireball for the ride to the show, an oversight on our part. Leslie had an outfit that was not optimal for smuggling in contraband. At one point, we bailed from the car in the middle of traffic and walked up the hill because we had extras to sell. My girlfriend eventually parked the car at a park/ride garage in West Hollywood and took the shuttle up the hill. Highland is the street running in front the Bowl, which has limited parking lots (some with stacked parking) that contributed to a lame lot scene. After the show, everyone spills over into Highland winding down the hill. That's where the balloon mongers were out in full force. When the show ends, you'll see hundreds of wastrels clutching balloons and hugging the ivy-covered brick walls lining the boulevard. 

On the way up the hill, shady scalpers offered me $10 a ticket. Phish sold out the Bowl (17,500 capacity??) but tons of extras were floating around. Easiest and cheapest ticket of the tour, considering San Francisco extras peaked at $150 and Saturday Chicago (three sets) went as high as $150. I waved my extras in Section N and a Mercedes pulled up and they rolled down the window. A girl with curly hair who looked like Maeby from Arrested Development was looking for tix. It coulda been the actress who played Maeby, so you never know. Even Zenmaster Phil Jackson was at the show and I heard Beiber was wandering around backstage in a molly-afterglow with a few glowsticks plugging up his arse.  Maeby in the Mercedes held up traffic on Highland so we could discuss a potential deal. She offered me $100 for both tickets (shocking, I hoped to get $20-25 per ticket) and I snatched up a Benjamin while everyone in cars behind the Mercedes angrily honked at us. I got lucky because Leslie could only sell her extras for an 1/8 of weed.

Jesus... getting close to the Bowl was a total clusterfuck (moreso than usual). The traffic jam ate up at least an hour of pre-party. I had no time to check out the lots or meet up with friends. I got to the top of the hill at 7:30, ran into Leslie near the gate, and found SetlistArt. I miracled him a ticket because he had a headache ticket snafu. He's from Canada and I love the fact that Phish appeals to non-spoiled Americans. This summer whole on tour, I hung out with dedicated phans from France, Japan, India, and Canada.

We had super seats (not benches) but surrounded by dudes who could not handle their liquor and talked the entire show. I expected a restless crowd that would not be as locked-in as the previous runs at the Gorge-Tahoe-San Francisco. I mentally prepared myself to think that the Sunday show at Bill Graham was the real tour ender, so I arrived in LA with an attitude that the Bowl show was like a bonus show. If you go in with low expectations, then you will always have a good show. I also got super-schwilly in order to deal with self-absorbed LA hipsters, plus it was the end of tour and everyone had given me their surplus supplies starting at the Gorge, continuing thru Tahoe, and San Francisco. Friends pulled me aside to gift me whatever they can't/won't fly/drive. I'm always surprised to discover who was the closet cokehead that particular weekend, or who was getting digital.

I was prepared for low key evening with a LA crowd versus normal tour enders at different venues. Yeah, the vibes from the crowd always affect the show. The band feeds off the vibe of the crowd, which felt much more mainstream show biz than intimate psychedelia we experienced at the Gorge or Tahoe.  They couldn't pull off a 36-minute Tweezer in Oklahoma City or at the Bowl, but Tahoe crowd was in the perfect mindset (e.g. the most LSD I had scene on the lot in a very long time) for the boys to experiment with a half-hour jam. With that said, I'm glad they had the balls and willingness to go for it with a 20+ minute Hood.

I forgot about the enormity of the Bowl until I walked inside and tried to find my seat. It was easy to get a ticket, so you had a lot of civilians tagging along that didn't necessarily like the music or the scene. Plus LA hipsters are more image conscious than SF hipsters, which is why they were much better dressed. Then again, a kid behind us wore a three-piece suit, hipster glasses, and sported a mustache. Due to the vast size of the Bowl, there were significantly more hipsters wandering around than at Bill Graham. Seemed like everyone I knew had extra tickets, so this was a show you didn't think twice about bringing friends who were marginally into Phish versus saving tickets for tour rats at smaller venues in Tahoe or San Francisco (where extras were hard to come by and tthe supply/demand pushed prices in triple digits). The upper parts of the Bowl had the atmosphere of the top parts of a typical cookie cutter amphitheater "lawn" from the midwest/south, with significantly more hard drinkers/scensters/casual fans/talkers versus hardcore fans who opted to get as close as possible and fill up the majority of the boxes.

Broseph and my girlfriend arrived at the Bowl via the shuttle and they got to the seats in the middle of AC/DC Bag. I got in five minutes before lights went down. Our old friend Schwilly Meg made a cameo appearance and scored some moonrocks on the way inside, but of course, she lost her baggie of blow by the time Moma Dance ended. Trey attempted a stop-start woo early on, but the prickly LA crowd was "too cool" and too PT sober for mind-control audience participation. Change100 figured only 25% of the crowd was at Tahoe and/or SF and they didn't know the stop-start cues to "woo", which was a valid point. Leo crooned the audience with Lawn Boy and I imagined him trying to woo glassy-coke-eyed chicks from Silver Lake to post pics of him on their trendy Tumblrs. Really felt the band got their groove on by Wolfman's, but they kept their funk vamping on a short leash. Roses Are Free quickly won over the crowd and I always get goosebumps during the "get in the car and cruise the land of the brave and free" part because we drove all of the West Coast swing. Midway through the set, the sun had dipped behind the hills and CK5 unleashed his full gameplan to light the inner skeleton of the Bowl. With the exception of a few songs (Ocelot, Sand, Hood), the boys focused more on presenting fundamentally sound versions of popular songs versus taking a loose jazzy improv approach like they did at other West Coast shows. Leo had a pretty solo during Scent of a Mule (Victor Borgia meets Philip Glass). I'd love to see Leo rage out a 25-min piano solo during Mule someday. That'll never happen... "You can't handle that shit on strong acid man!" Instead of Fishman marimba hijinks during Mule jam, we got all four members hopping on Fishman's kit. It began with Fishman picking up his mallets to bang on Gordo's bass strings. Trey and Page wandered over and the drum rumpus continued. Ocelot was super faded with a nifty Oxy jam. CK5 lit up the shell with rainbow colors... which must've been a nod to his BFF Beiber. Like most Phishy chicks, Beiber loves unicorns, glitter, and rainbows. I felt a Beatles was on the slate, (e.g. Day in the Life encore) but we got a pleasant surprise with WMGGW to close out a short set. Started out sloppy but it finished strong with an emotional highpoint.

via David Huchteman

The lights went up at setbreak and everyone in my crew scattered. Broseph never made it to our seats and he wandered around trying to pick up Asian hipster chicks and angle-shoot against beer vendors (hear more in Wook Patrol podcast episode 11). Leslie Fireball wandered off to meet up with Colorado friends. My girlfriend took off and tried to meet up with work friends. I realized I was alone, without water and a one-hitter (my girlfriend had both), not in the best headspace to talk to neighbors or meet up with friends because my phone was dying. I stayed put and my mind began to wander and I got caught up in my Phish hologram theory. That's when I remembered why I was so schwasted... because we were going 100mph since the Gorge. SetlistArt showed up with a beer for me... something I desperately needed at the time.

Interesting to see a bunch of second set openers tossed into the second set (e.g. DWD, Golden Age). Chalkdust came out of nowhere (expected it early in the first set) and I hoped for something glorious during Golden Age jam, but that seemed to give Phish some hipster credit with the Echo Park/Silver Lake crowd. When Birds popped up, SetlistArt reminded me of the Miami version of Birds > L.A. Woman. He thought we were going to get that Doors' cover, which would blown my girlfriend's mind. Never happened. We got a Sand > DWD one-two punch over the next 20 minute segment. Sand was full-blown dance party yet it never got too dirty. DWD started out deviant and morphed into a mellow fluffball before the band returned to the dark side with My Friend My Friend.

Listen to Harry Hood for yourself and enjoy the heavenly jam out. Those moments are why I chase Phish and it made the Bowl show totally worth the effort (long drive from SF plus hellacious traffic and annoying fucksticks talking behind us). The Bowl Hood was like one of those nights when Kobe drops 50 or 60 points for the Lakers. It had a little bit of everything... peaks and valleys, Phish punched a hole in the time/space continuum, opened up a wormhole to another dimension, melodious four-way conversation, Trey the cosmic trailblazer, Fish's Latin-flavored booty shaking, Gordo roiding, Leo vocoder, Trey "knife/myfe" insertions, and of course the controversial woos. I was wooing along at the end with the hipster in the suit much to the chagrin of Wildo (my one friend who held the most staunch anti-woo hardliner stance; listen to Wook Patrol podcast "To Woo? Or Not To Woo?).

Crowd sing-along with the Stones' cover and Loving Cup encore, the chosen exclamation point to the evening. Hoped for a two-song encore, but the fundamental rule of show biz is leaving the crowd wanting more. Like Lohan hooked on Adderall XL, I'm itching and jonesin' for more Phish. I specifically opted for fewer shows this summer (in favor of saving up time/money for Fall Tour), and can't wait until another three-show run at Dick's. See ya in Colorado.

P.S. I know I never wrote anything about the Bill Graham shows. Stay tuned for a San Francisco recap. Soon come.

Check out the Gorge Recap and Lake Tahoe Recap.

Listen to all of our Wook Patrol podcasts. We've recorded 11 mini-episodes since Tahoe.

RIP Jerry Garcia

Gone, but not forgotten.

Check out something I wrote over at Tao of Pauly.... Jerry Day Flashback.

Here's the Grateful Dead circa 1974...

Phish Dicks: Invasion 2013

Catwang'd by the Joker
Denver. One week from today. What will the boys do to top the S Show (2011) and the Fuck Your Face Show (2012)?

I have a half-baked theory that Phish pulled off those gimmicks because they weren't doing a Halloween show in 2011 and 2012, so they figured they'd get their ya-ya's out by tweaking the setlist.

With a Halloween show on the slate this fall, I'd like to see something non-gimmicky. How about six sets of pure fire? Then again, it's Phish. You never know what they're going to do on a given night.

The Invasion commences in one week. Luckily we have one of our home offices in Denver and the Joker called in some favors to rent out shelter space underneath the Denver Airport... to safely ride out the invasion with the Elites like the Queen of England, Peyton Manning's family, and Jay-Z/Beyonce's Illuminati child.

See ya freaks in Colorado.

You Enjoy My Mix - Summer 2013 - Vol. 1

Our friend Hal Masa from Japan sent us his latest installment of the You Enjoy My Mix series. Introducing... Summer 2013!
Summer 2013 - Tracklist:
PNC Xyed PNC -> SPAC Light -> SPAC Melt -> SF Reba -> HollyHood

Download You Enjoy My Mix Summer 2013

"How much for the grenade?"

"Then you can buy black one."

Trey bringing the LULZ in Barcelona.

Phish NYE MSG 2013

As expected, Phish returns to MSG for a four-night run including New Year's Eve. I'm pumped. I should hit my 300th show during the MSG run.

Ticket info here.

See you there.

Once Upon A Time in NYC: The Birth of Punk, Disco and Hip-Hop

Great documentary about how NYC in the 1970s was the epicenter of three diverse musical movements: hip-hop, disco, and punk.

Phish Hampton Night 2 Setlist and Recap: 10/19/2013

One down, two to go in Hampton. Pauly and the Cincy crew are on the ground at the Mothership while I'm couch touring in sunny SoCal. If you haven't already, hit up Live Phish for the webcast. A two-day pass is cheaper than an eighth of shake from your local w00k.

Here's Saturday's setlist...

Set 1:  GIN, Moma Dance, Tube, Fast Enough for You, Curtis Loew, Ya Mar, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, My Sweet One, Mike's Song > Hydrogen > Weekapaug

Set 2:  Ghost > DWD > Steam > Caspian, Boogie On, Theme, Wedge, Silent, HOOD

E: Quinn the Eskimo

Quickie Recap by Pauly

Saturday night rager. Gordo's voice was fucked up. Trey busted his axe. Page was en fuego and Fishman is still about 5% off. Regardless, the boys gifted us an energetic show.

All you need to know is... Ghost > DWD. Listen to that on a loop. Other standouts... Gin opener and a Mike's > H2 > Weekapaug orgy. I'm not the biggest Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan fan, but they rocked it out.

My bud S was looking for me on the floor in the first set. I told him I was standing next to the kid with an iguana on a stick. He found me in the middle of Mike's Song and handed me a joint and a fistful of Shaman shrooms. I was booming the rest of the show.

My crew had a hysterical debate before the show started about who was a better band -- Lynyrd Skynrd or Allman Brothers. Well, Phish weighed in on our debate when they busted out Curtis Loew.

Fun night despite the band's issues. Two down, one to go.

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