Phish Halloween Setlist and Recap: 10/31/13 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Spoooooooky poster! 

Trick or treat, Phisheads! Phish is back with their first "musical costume" Halloween show in three years. Will it be My Bloody Valentine? Elton John? Zeppelin? A concert version of Hands on a Hardbody? Is there a clue in the poster? I'm starting to sound like one of those kids on PT. 

Tune in to the webcast at 7:30pm ET on Live Phish where they're offering a three-day pass for all the Atlantic City shows. Pauly is somewhere on the Boardwalk at the moment and will be updating from the show on Coventry's Twitter and Instagram feeds. Don't forget, there are three sets tonight, so if you're like me, a west coaster rushing home from the office on the 405 freeway dressed as an ocelot, you should make it home for the all-important second set. 

Update (6:45pm ET):  Just heard from Pauly who got a look at the Phishbill. Phish is dressing up as... themselves. The second set will be their new album, Wingsuit. 

Phish - 10/31/2013 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Set 1: Heavy Things, Moma Dance, Poor Heart, Back on the Train, Silent in the Morning, Kill Devil Falls, Mound, Free, Camel Walk, Stash, Golgi, Bathtub Gin

Set 2: Wingsuit, Fuego, The Line, Monica, Waiting All Night, Wombat, Snow, Devotion to a Dream, 555, Winterqueen, Amidst the Peals of Laughter, You Never Know

Set 3: Ghost > Carini, Birds of a Feather, HOOD, Bug, Antelope

E: Quinn the Eskimo


Halloween Quickie Recap by Pauly

No sleep. Partying. Gambling. Just like the Daft Punk song. "We're up all night to get lucky." Phish is lucky their phans are understanding and open. Sure, lots of mixed feelings all around but as one friend put it best, "I'd rather hear new Phish than get stuck listening to them cover an album I don't like." All fall tour, I wondered where all the new content was... and I guess now we know why they were saving it.

Another wild ride from NYC to AC courtesy of the CT crew (Igor, Josh, and Javier). No traffic on the Parkway and rolled in at 4:20pm. Welcome back to AC, where the sand turns to gold! Thanks to Pat for hooking me up with a Halloween ticket. Hardest ticket of the year. Pat even showed up in my hotel lobby to drop it off. What an awesome dude.Thanks brah!

I caught this show with Senor, my 1.0 partner in crime. Along with his lil bro Javier, we reprised our first-ever Phishy Halloween experience; we saw Vegas 1998 together and 15 years to the exact date we were in another gambling mecca checking out our favorite band's hijinks. Instead of the genius of Lou Reed, we got the genius of the Phish.

I hung out Page Side all night. Decent sound. Good section. Lots of confused folks. A good percentage thought Phish was punking them and that they would do an actual cover album and not their own material, but by the time they opened with Wingsuit, it was evident that Phish was indeed carrying on with an entire set of new material.

First set was a blur. Lots of nervous anticipation from both the artist and audience. Typical greatest hits first set anchored by heavy-hitters Stash and Bathtub Gin. We never really went too far down the rabbit hole with a dark/deviant Stash and I thought it was funny that Silent in the Morning (another Horse-less Silent) popped up in the clean-up spot. Buffet of funk grooves with MOMA, Back on the Train, and Camelwalk.

The second set? Phish has always been a quartet of pranksters so they pulled a fast one on us. They never officially announced a cover set so everyone assumed they would bust out a classic album. Social media fueled the rumors. Everything from ZZ Top to Huey Lewis to Elton John and the Allman Brothers. I dig Duane Allman, so I really wanted Eat A Peach, because who doesn't want to hear Phish shred a ginromous 45-minute Mountain Jam for shits and giggles. Alas, they gambled with a risky serving of new material. It really takes titanium balls (plus lots of trust in us, the blood-thirsty zealots) to pull a dozen untested and brand-spanking new songs out of their ass. I probably dug 1/3 of them (Fuego, Wombat and Monica). Another 1/3 needs work. And the other 1/3 didn't stick. But, kudos to Phish for always keeping us on our toes and for delivering much-anticipated new material.

Barney Miller's Abe Vigoda showed up in a bear costume. That was the "Holy shitballs, WTF?" moment of the night. At setbreak, they showed a mini-film with Page and Abe paying homage to The Godfather.

The third set was more to my liking. The boys were playing to my buzz. Everyone knew Ghost was coming. It was mean and ferocious but didn't quite scare me. Carini was what Fink would call a "dirty little whore." But that's how I like my Carini. This particular Hood had a couple of crotch-tickling moments when the entire crowd unleashed a collective orgasm. Love those peak live-show moments. Part of the crowd grumbled with Bug intro. The boys shrugged it off and rocked it out, especially hysterical to watch a tweaker dude in a pink tu-tu and Minnie Mouse ears get down in front of us. Antelope was pure smoke. Sloppy, but all smoke. I felt like I ran three miles while jogging in place during Halloween Antelope. Senor was let down by a single encore tune (Mighty Quinn), even though he's a huge Dylan fan. He was hoping for a 4-song encore like we got in Worcester. Heck, at least a two song double dip? Nope. Just a single cover and the boys rushed off stage.

I have not re-listened to the show, especially the second set. I expect it's going to take a while for these songs to take root, but the seeds have been scattered about. Eager to see what grows and what withers away. It's sort of like unveiling a minor league team. Which one of these prospects will make it to the "show"?

One show down. Two more to go in AC.

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Phish Halloween Video (Full Show)

Here's the entire show. All three sets, including Wingsuit.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Shakedown 79

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Guest Post by Fink -- Song of the Year: Carini vs. Tweezer, Part 1

Fink Magazines Phight of the Year: The battle being staged for Song of the Year between Carini and Tweezer

By Fink

The battle for Song of the Year is coming down to the last round, staged at one of the most historic fighting venues in history – Madison Square Garden. The list of boxers and classic fights that have been waged in the Garden is staggering, including "The Fight Of the Century" between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. We will be able to conclude one of the greatest phights ever witnessed this December when Carini and Tweezer presumably step into the (freezer) ring one more time for one final round, each we hope delivering yet another Mike Tyson-esque uppercut that will absolutely melt our faces.

This epic battle started at the Garden in December 2012 when Carini and Tweezer stepped into the ring for one last time in 2012. Carini and Tweezer threw enormous punches delivering easily the best two songs played during the 2012 MSG run. Each of those particular versions is in contention for 2012 Song of the Year. That ended up being a precursor of what was to come, so for our Phight of the Year we will consider that the first round. It was a bloody battle with two championship songs delivering dominant versions. And it was only the beginning.

In one corner, you have Carini. Sometimes she is an evil bitch, sometimes she is happy and in love, sometimes she is a slutty whore. Carini has become a go-to jam vehicle this year. Carini is pretty young having debuted in Amsterdam (of course – she has a drug problem) in 1997. In recent 3.0 she has become an important and critical jam vehicle for Phish. It took her awhile to get here, but she has arrived and is a serious contender for the belt.

In the other corner, you have Tweezer. Tweezer is the most consistent, go-to jam vehicle in all of Phishtory. Every single year of Phish (even the dark Oxy ones – see 2/28/03) has at least one amazing Tweezer. Anytime you hear Trey play those guitar licks, the crowd goes nuts. A show is typically made or broken depending upon how the Tweezer goes. Tweezer is relatively an old man, having made is debut in the ring in 1990. Tweezer is a beast. He is a champion. He is Ali. He is the greatest of all time. He holds the belt. He is in the hall of fame. He will be tough to be beat.

Carini CompuJam Stats for 2013

12/30/12 MSG. Such a dark and dirty Carini. Carini hasn’t been played this nasty and evil since MSG. In some ways, I think Phish is almost too happy and in too good a place to play dark and dirty versions of songs anymore. This is an exception. Practicing Black Sabbath really seemed to help them make her an evil bitch again. One of my favorite Phish jams ever. She is in a bad place, her pimp/sugar daddy just dumped her. This Carini starts chasing the dragon. Not only does she do heroin, this Carini is heroin. If you listen just even once, you will be hooked for life. She is so dark and evil we got number-lined afterwards, and it might be the only time it was OK to be number-lined. The abrupt happy song about all of our friends was necessary because we were down the fucking wormhole with Carini, and she was hard-core addicted to smack.

7/6/13 SPAC. Other than the 46 days -> Steam segue, this is probably the best piece of music of the entire SPAC run. This version is almost the exact polar opposite of the 12/30/12 Carini. Such a beautiful piece of improvised yet composed music. A happy Carini, she is outdoors, playful, smiling and running around with a shit-eating grin. She quit the goods, lost her winter weight, sobered up and has been exercising. This Carini is looking good, feeling good, (meatstick) teasing all the boys. This Carini escaped her 12/30 pimp and is ready for summer loving. She is so happy, she enjoys contemplating the Architect and what it all means immediately after finishing up this version.

7/30/13 Tahoe. Carini was so blissed-out after SPAC we didnt see her again for 2 weeks. Lord knows she was having a good time. But when she decided to come out and play, she was still really happy, not as newly happy as at SPAC but very content. She comes out of a great Ghost, she is in a more transitional phase. I believe this Carini was in the midst a relationship. I see her skipping around the playground when I listen to this version. Slow drop and she grabs Pipers hand and they go off to play. Ghost -> Carini -> Piper. This show often gets overlooked and as a complete show is better than the next night, but that was the night of Tahoe Tweezer. More on that later.

8/04/13 Bill Graham. A playful version, totally Phishy. She starts jumping up and down a bit, mixing in Fluffhead-ish lyrics. This Carini is still really happy. She is having a great summer, still hasn't touched the heroin again but is probably partaking in the incredible weed in San Francisco. She enjoyed being outside in her sundress all summer but really enjoyed escaping the heat and coming inside to play for a bit. Shortest version of year but still solid. You can hear a bit of the darkness coming back. Slows down at the end and she starts to get in her car on the highway to the great divide.

9/01/13 Dicks. Closing out her summer of love in style, this Carini was given the vaunted second set opener slot for the final run of the summer. She deserved it. She earned it. And the boys rewarded her with the most important spot in the line-up for the tour closer. Carini still managed to deliver despite this being an overall off night of Phish (to me anyway). This Carini was taking a bow. She had a great, happy and joyful summer and was going to show herself off. She strutted around the stage shaking her ass getting us all off. Just another great version, this one flew into Birds.

10/18/13 Hampton. One of the best Carini’s of the year. Carini broke up with her boyfriend and is now slutting around town sleeping with everyone in site. She is no longer making love, this Carini is downright fucking. She is a dirty whore again. She has a couple of threesomes with the Allman Brothers, fools around with a girl named Piper, makes Quinn fall in love with her and leaves him cold. This Carini is loving her freedom after the summer of (89) love. Trey starts that scratching on the guitar and its Carini, the slut, strutting her camel walk, getting ready to go out on the town, moving her body with rhythmic procession. This is my kind of Carini. But then her dad walked in on Carini and Quinn going at it with the funk and we got number-lined. Worst blue balls ever.

10/25/13 Woostah. This Carini comes out of the best Waves in 3.0. What an incredible pairing. Wine and cheese. PB and jelly. Phish and sex. Coming out of this beautiful, psychedelic, incredible, majestic, rocking Waves maybe Carini found love and happiness again? Not a chance. She is still a whore. This is another slutty fall version. Carini gets dirty indoors. You can move your body to this Carini. You can get down with this Carini. This Carini is seductive. She has us wound around her finger. This Carini is a seductress. Watch-out for this one, if you aren’t careful Carini’s gonna get you. You can run onto the stage, but don’t let Carini get you. No segue on this one, just an after sex smoke with Prince Caspian.

10/31/13 Atlantic City. Similar to Tahoe, she makes an appearance out of Ghost. Similar to Woostah, another great pairing. This is quite possibly the best jam Phish played in 2013 and nobody is really talking about it. I don’t understand why. Possibly because everyone is so focused on Wingsuit from the set before? But seriously this jam is sofa king good. 20 minutes of pure phish greatness. I really love this version. Phish just finished the historic Wingsuit set and a huge weight was lifted off of their shoulders. If we are talking about getting loose and Phish in the fall, then Carini is your girl. This Carini is stunning, even if she is an AC crack whore. I am in love with this Carini. I am chasing her around Boardwalk Hall trying to grab her but she continues to allude me. This Carini has it all. I hear so much Slave in this song. This Carini builds and builds and builds to such a beautiful climax and then brings us down with such gentle precision. This Carini is finishing up her fall tour having whored all around town, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind. However in the end she is still so special and beautiful and amazing and incredible. This Carini is dirty and beautiful. This Carini is a vixen. I truly love this Carini, even after all of the nonsense she still has such a big and beautiful heart. This is my favorite jam from the fall. The boys take a well-deserved break after this Carini, she doesn’t go anywhere. She should take a bow before they start Birds. Thank you Phish. The Best. Band. In. The. World.

Coming soon.... Part 2: Tweezer, his wallet is the one that says bad mother fucker on it.

Guest post by Fink... our good pal from San Diego. Check out other guest posts by Fink. He wrote reviews of this summer's run at SPAC and his thoughts on the new Phish songs from Wingsuit.

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Monday Morning Key Bumps: Shuggie Otis

It's Monday morning and time for a little Shuggie Otis to bring a little 70s funk and soul....

Monday Morning Key Bumps: WSP - Ophelia and Shape I'm In

Here's a little Panic covering a pair of covers originally popularized by The Band...

And here's Levon Helm performing "Ophelia" during The Last Waltz...

Greek Flashback: 46 Days > Tube

This is one of my favorite moments from the last night of the Berkley run at the Greek. I was peaking hard right in the middle of 46 Days and listening to this gives me an instant flashback. Fun and insane weekend, especially the final show. I know it's a rager when I don't have time to write a recap, which I never did for the last show at Berkeley. Some of my friends (like the Joker and Wildo) had just thrown down hardcore at Horning's, so the Colorado crew was up partying and keeping the untzuntzuntz going for a full week when they rolled into the Bay Area. It was like a tornado of sparkles and schwillyness hit us. We had waaaay too much fun during the three-day run in Berkley, so much fun that the fucking hotel fined me a shitload of money for "room damages."

I recorded a quick podcast during setbreak of the last show. I chatted with my friend Benjo from Paris (he translated one of my books into French) and he's a Euro-Phishead. We took him to all three Berkley shows and he had a blast.

Anyway, in this video the boys took the opportunity to space-out the end of 46 Days before throwing everyone a bone with Tube for a hella one-two punch.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Piper - Fall 97

I miss the days when Phish took their time with the intro easing into Piper. These days, there's no foreplay and it's a straight-up grind session.

From the illustrious fall 97 tour. Piper was one of four songs in that second set. Four. Giddy-up...

Phish SPAC Videos 7/6/13: Carini

Thanks to @LazyLightning55 for uploading these SPAC vids.

This was one of my favorite moments from Set 2.

Click here for a complete 7/6/13 setlist and couch tour review.

Phish SPAC 7/7/13: Setlist and Recap - Sunday Night #3, Saratoga, NY

Official SPAC posters by Drew Millard

Phish completed the final night of a three-show run at SPAC. This is their 4th overall show since tour began in Bangor, Maine on Wednesday.

Here is the setlist for the Sunday show:

The Phish 7/7/13 SPAC, Saratoga, NY

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Back on the Train, Divided Sky, Free, ICE, Mound, Maze, Limb by Limb, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: DWD > Ghost > Piper^ > Velvet Sea* , Antelope# > Meatstick > YEM

Encore: Loving Cup

^ DEG teases
# With "Meatstick" keyword and lyrics replacing Antelope with "meatstick"
* Pauly takes a piss song

Times: Set 1 began at 8:11pm ET and ended at 9:38pm. Set 2 began at 10:12pm. The show ended at 11:35pm.

Gordo aka Eraserhead

Couch Tour Recap: SPAC #3 - Mr. Meatstick
By Pauly

Sunday show. Bad weather. Final night at SPAC? All the elements for a perfect storm of events. Phish always throws down when phans have to brave the elements. Fourth show of 2013 followed a similar formula: 90-minute first set of greatest hits with one exceptional standout, followed by a second set jamming orgy. The final night of SPAC included another jamilicious-heavy 7-song second set anchored by a DWD > Ghost.

I rocked out on couch tour again, much to the dismay of my neighbors who must be sick of Phish by now. You don't hear much crowd noise thru the webcast, so I can only imagine how loud it got inside the shed for the intro to Divided Sky. First one ever at SPAC? It was due. Phish has come a long way from its prog rock days and Flock of Seagulls haircuts. Anxiously awaited Free. Sounded a tad faster than normal. My feed kept going out during Ice! I likened it to being at a show and having dance space invaded by chatty-mol girls or the sweaty drunk guy trying to hit on said chatty girls. Thrilled they didn't mess up Mound (too much). It's one of hardest songs they play, but I'm glad they're not hiding it on the shelf like Esther.

Mound clap...
The set’s structure resembled something from 93-94 (with exception of Back on the Train which was birthed from Phish's post-funk phase in 98). If that's the vibe -- vintage 90s -- then I was hoping we'd get a Weigh or Llama. Maze didn't stray too far away from the herd, but Trey nailed it and he was bouncing up and down the rest of the song. Fish put on a drum clinic with a squishy octopus jam in Limb. Page and Fish were dishing and swishing. Walls of the Cave was the first new song of the 2.0 era (and thus ended the 90s theme). Good to see Walls get back into rotation. Wanted Gordo to do the "THWOOOSH!" effect. Denied. Walls ended the 88-minute set.

DWD kicked off the second set. Around the ten-minute mark, a tranquil jam emerged from the thick gooey jam. Ghost snuck up on me. Felt like we were headed to a different part of the universe. Leo busted out the talkbox. Ghostbox. Seemed like Trey purposely tried to play as few notes possible. Minimalist Trey. You get to hear everyone else much better. Morphed into a pong jam. ADHD-Trey crashed the plinko party. Rushed out of milky way Ghost pong jam into a hyper Piper. Smooth jam out. Thought I heard a "Dave's Energy Guide" tease. Hoped Page would get funky with the voicebox in Velvet. Antelope repeat from Bangor, but I could hear it every show. AK-47 Trey in full glory. Meatstick insertion. Trey swapped out "antelope" lyric for "meatstick" (e.g. Mr. Meatstick, set the gearshift for the meatstick of your soul, run like a meatstick out of control, etc.). On cue, they seg'd into Meatstick. Heard some Jimmy Page GTBT licks, and thought Zeppelin would close out the set. Instead... a monstrous YEM. Page vox. Loved the Trey finger-licking picking. Staccato plinko. CK5 unleashed new lighting cues during vocal jam. Gordo is farther away from Trey. Didn't really notice until the tramp routine. YEM capped off 7-song second set. Perhaps a GTBT encore? Nope. Went for a Stones cover and Loving Cup, which was the first and only cover of the night. Strong second set. As I said to Tom after the show: "YEM, Ghost, DWD, Piper, Antelope -- if you get 3 of those in the same set, that's a good show. Tonight we got all 5."

SPAC run complete. I'm digging these 7 and 8-song second sets that have a sensational 30-40 minute segments that impressed a jaded vet like me:
Friday: 46 Days > Steam > Drowned > Slave
Saturday: Tweezer > Sand > Carini
Sunday: DWD > Ghost > Piper
I doubt we'd ever get a rare 5-songer, but the 7-song sets allow more room for jamming. I hope they continue to play fewer songs on the "back nine." Couch tour is over... for now. Maybe they'll webcast one of the Merriweather or Alpharetta shows?


Check out our Summer Tour 2013 page which has setlist info and links to videos and reviews.

Here are setlists/recaps for Bangor, SPAC 1, and SPAC 2. Here's Fink's reviews for SPAC 1 and SPAC 2.

FYI... download the 7.7.13 SPAC at LivePhish

Phish 7/17/13 Alpharetta: Setlist and Recap - Wetlanta Beach Burgers Night #2

Official poster by Justin Santora

Phish played the second of a two-night stint in the Atlanta burbs.

Here is the setlist :
The Phish 7/17/13 Alpharetta, GA

Set 1: JIM, MoMA, Funky Bitch, Divided Sky, GUMBO, Nellie Cane, Frost*, Alaska, Guyute, Faulty Plan, Suzy Greenstein
Set 2: PYITE > Drowned > Water in the Sky, Energy > Fluffhead > Piper > Fast Enough for You, 2001 > Mike's Song > The Wedge > Weekapaug

Encore: Mighty Quinn
* FTP; Debut of a Frost (TAB song)
Times: Set 1 began at 8:07pm ET and ended at 9:31pm. Set 2 began at 10:02pm. The show ended at 11:36pm ET.

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.


Couch Tpur Recap: Alpharetta #2 - Wetlanta Beach Burgers
By Pauly

We began the night on couch tour with a crisp stream by Yasu. But he went AWOL and we got stuck with this "Squirrel" character, who was a trip but needs to stay away from the horse tranquilizers. He left the live stream going when he bailed for the toilet during Alaska (it's a Squirrel take a piss song) while muttering stuff about "beach burgers." We're just busting your balls Squirrel, we're lucky to have anything. Thanks for the rogue feed, brah.

Anyway... we were treated to 11-song opening set in roughly 85-mins. We got a couple of tour debuts and a new song -- Frost -- TAB tune that got called up to the big leagues for the first time. Standard Jim show opener and early set Moma to inject some funky dance grooves into the show. Divided Sky is like going to church.  Hoping they'd throw a few curveballs this show and got one with Gumbo! Too bad we didn't get Ginseng Sullivan in Atlanta (instead of Nellie Kane). Another debut of a TAB song -- Frost -- which was soundchecked earlier in the tour. I kind of like current TAB songs staying with TAB. The bigger band does a better job with it than the Fab 4. With that said, if they're gonna play a TAB song, how about Cayman Review? Phish would smoke the shit out of it. First Alaska of the tour. Decent mini-jam. Since we're on a first theme... first time for Guyute this summer. Did Page add the vocoder to Guyute run-up? Suzy rager to close the set.

via @Phish_FTR
PYITE set 2 opener. Dammit. Wanted to hear that in Chicago! Drowned > Water in the Sky was for everyone on the lawn enduring the rain. Another wet show. Gave up on Squirrel beach burger feed when his bro friend kept screaming and his feed got choppy. We jumped on Stork's feed. I was hoping to hear Energy in Chicago. Fish hopped on the electric Marimba again for Energy jam. First Fluff this tour with an added bonus Heartbreaker tease. Piper was rushed. I wondered why Fast Enough For You isn't played more? It's a much better late second set slow tune (to let Fish catch a breath) than some of the other buzzkills they've played the last few years. 2001 cropped up out of nowhere (didn't have the feel of a dance party night). Squirrel wanted more cowbell. Mike's Song became Mike's Wedge. Nice change-up for the lunch meat instead of Hydrogen/Simple. Encore was the first Mighty Quinn this tour. Rocking cover. Bob Dylan would be proud of Gordo.

Hotlanta run is over. Tour migrates up north to... Chicago. I'm hoping on tour. Can't wait. See ya in the lot...

FYI... download 7/17/13 at

Phish Video: Full Show - Northerly Island, Chicago 7/21/13

Here is the Sunday show and the monsoon!

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Phish Setlist Gorge 7/27/13 - Night #2

Phish finished off the second of two nights at the Gorge.
The Phish 7/27/13 The Gorge, George, WA

Set 1: Arcitecht, Golgi, Curtain With, KDF > Moma Dance, Maze, Beauty of a Broken Heart, Roses Are Free, Say Something**, Ocelot, After Midnight

Set 2: DWD > Undermind > Light > Sally > 2001 > Walls of the Cave > Fluffhead, Antelope

Encore: Show of Life, Good Times Bad Times

Notes: ** ftp debut

Times: 8:08-9:39 and 10:08-11:50pm

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

The Gorge Videos: Complete Show for 7/26/13 and 7/27/13

Here's the "webcast" for both nights....

Soon Come: Weird Shit Warning at Phish Dicks

More Phish Dicks Catwangs courtesy of @change100.

Phish Dicks 8/30/13 - Setlist, Recap, and New Podcast - MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING

Phish returned to Colorado for the first of three nights at Dick's.

Here is what you missed in the latest "gimmick" show "MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING"...
Phish, 8/30/13 Commerce City, CO
Set 1: Ghost, NICU, Icculus, Heavy Things, THEME from the Bottom, Esther, MoMA Dance, Ocelot, Stash, Lawn Boy, Limb by Limb > Easy to Slip

Set 2: PYITE > Sand > Say Something, Walls of the Cave, Oh Kee Pah > HOOD > Silent > TWIST > SLAVE
Encore: Oh Sweet Nuthin', Meatstick

Quickie Recap: Phish Loves Dicking Around at Dicks
By Pauly

You knew it was coming. Phish set the bar two summers ago with the "S" show. Last summer, they raised the bar with the "FUCK YOUR FACE" show. So naturally, phans were expecting their heroes to step it up with more hijinks. After all, the band loves Dicks because they love dicking around with us.

The hype machine was in full swing. Social media fanned the flames, which created an almost uncomfortable situation. Just like the lyric said, "Sometimes people build you up, just so they can knock you down." I was worried that the hype would backfire because what if the band 1) did not do any hijinks? or 2) what if they went for it... but the prank fell short of the mark?

These gimmick shows involve a huge risk, but I'd rather see the band take a shot at something different, rather than playing it safe.

"Phish is the victim of their own creativity," explained the Joker. "Just like New Years. And Halloween. They're always trying to out do themselves."

So how could they top the last two summers? How about backwards hijinks? Yeah, Phish unleashed  another hidden message with the first letter of the setlist.


Backwards it reveals: MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING. Like "REDRUM" kind of message from the devil. Except Phish is the mischievous devil who fucked with everyone's minds so much that there's a legion of hungover phans sifting trough old setlists to see if there are more secret messages from the band -- backwards or forwards.

Who knows if they can top the backwards hijinks. In one sense, this silly meme has run its course. At least that's my take. They'll have to do something sideways next year.

The Joker said it best: "It's the band saying, 'Listen guys give it a rest.'"

So is this it? Or will there be more hijinks in the future? Guess we'll have to wait until next year.

Is the gimmick bad? Jonas was on the fence about it.

"You're not focusing on the moment, on the song they're playing," said Jonas. "Instead, you're worrying about the next song."

I have mixed feelings about it. I love the unpredictability of Phish. That's why you go to as many shows as possible because you never know what will happen and what you're going to hear next. But at this juncture, the Dicks shows already have a built-in gimmick, so everyone knows something is coming.

So the show... the first set had a couple of tunes they had not played in two years (Icculus and Esther) and the debut of Little Feat's Easy to Slip. My favorite segment of the first set was the thirty minute stretch of MoMA > Ocelot and Stash.

I was shocked to discover that Jonas had never seen PYITE. All the shows he's seen (and we've caught together) and not one PYITE. "I've been chasing Punch my entire Phish career and finally got it," he said. Once again, we were treated with another monstrous Sand. Around the 11-minute mark, Fish was laying down the beat to 2001. It would have been a sick seg, but the band had to stick to the script and instead they reversed their tracks and returned to Sand. Next up was Say Something and Sweet Willy wasn't impressed with it. I like the falsetto. Change100 thought that the song would be better of someone else did vocals... but who? According to, Walls of the Cave did not appear in 2009 and that they only performed it 8 times between 2010-2012, but it got inserted into the rotation this summer (we caught it at the Gorge and Bill Graham). We got faked out with Oh Kee Pa... because the seg did not automatically go into Suzy Greenberg. Instead we got an OKP > Harry Hood. It was an unfinished Hood and small potatoes compared the Hollywood Hood. we got another horse-less Silent in the Morning. Although Twist has "woos" built into it, that was the only Woos of the night (despite Jonas being a wise ass and occasionally yelling "WOOOOOO!"). The "Woos" over-saturated the last four shows of tour (after the Tahoe Tweezer). Good news is that the woo antics seemed to be long gone. Oh, and Slave closed out the set. It's always a great night when I hear my favorite song.

It was cool to get a Velvet Underground cover in the encore, but Page flubbed the lyrics. I don't think too many people are familiar with the song, but I'm a huge Velvet's fan and picked up on Page's miscue. Meatstick ended the show and completed the secret (backwards) message: MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING.

Glad they got the gimmick out of the way so we can now focus on two shows. Expecting a Saturday night dance party and then Sunday is all gravy.

FYI...  watch a video of the entire show here.

* * * *
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Phish Dicks 9/1/13 Setlist and Pocdast - Sunday

Official Poster by Ken Taylor

Never miss a Sunday show.

Here is the setlist from the final night at Dicks...
9/1/13 Phish, Dick's 

Set 1: A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, KDF, Back of the Train, Rift, Meat, ICE, Guelah Papyrus. Divided Sky, Funky Bitch, Cavern, Stealing Time, Bowie 
Set 2: Carini > Birds of a Feather > Golden Age > Caspian > Piper > Boogie On > I Saw It Again, Mike's Song > Legalize It

E: Zero
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