Stairs Front Door
The first home project of the new year will be our hallway. It includes the stairs, that lead to the window bench, that connects the upstairs to the downstairs. This little piece of our house needs to be bright, welcoming, as it also includes our front door. Without much light it's a little difficult to take pictures here. I've tried and tried to take pictures of the stairs - maybe it's the winter light, the shag green carpeting or the yellowed wallpaper that is soaking up all the light. The stairs, one of the most charming aspects of our home. They are unlike any other I've seen, splitting and wrapping around. 
Yesterday I tried again to research our home. We all took a trip to the library - getting our new cards was a highlight for the kids. While dear hubby took them to meet the library turtle and explore the children's section, I snuck away to the local history. It was extensive and I'm grateful that the librarians were extremely helpful. They pointed me to the exact portion I needed. Hunkering down, I browsed book after book, and felt much like I was in a movie - trying to find the mystery, solve the riddle, find hidden secrets. This time with  no luck - except a business card to the cities historian. Maybe he is the piece to this puzzle.

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