New Wook Patrol Podcasts from San Francisco

We recorded two quickie Wook Patrol podcasts at the after-party...
Episode 6 - Snooty San Francisco Marina Chicks Hate Phish? -- Three miserable snooty girls from the Marina got dragged to see Phish in San Francisco. The Joker and Pauly talk about their plight...

Episode 7 - Wildo's Anti-Woo Stance; To Woo Or Not to Woo? - After a mixed reaction from the "woo" audience participation at the first night in San Francisco, Pauly asks Wildo to explain his anti-Woo stance.

Listen to the Wook Patrol archives here, including the Tahoe episodes.

Phish San Francisco Setlist 8/4/13 - Bill Graham Night 3

Leslie called these "Slinky bubble" lights  by CK5

The Phish completed the final show of a three night run at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Here is the "Never-Miss-A-Sunday-Show" setlist...
The Phish, 8.4.13 San Francisco, CA 
Set 1: Crowd Control, Divided Sky, Wilson, Foam, Halley's > My Soul, Ya Mar, Army of One, Taste, Gumbo, Train Song, Pebbles & Marbles 
Set 2: Energy > Jim > Carini > Wedge > Light > Bowie, Silent, Meatstick, Quinn, YEM 
Encore: Sanity, Axis Bold As Love

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

Phish Bill Graham Videos: Complete Shows

Thanks to the Joker, who found these webcast rips. Enjoy them while they're up...

Soon Come: Dino Dicks!

Are you fucking pumped? 15 Days until Phishy carnival reaches Colorado.

Thanks to the Joker for the Catwang.

Need a Phish fix? Listen to the 11 episodes of Wook Patrol podcast that we recorded in Tahoe, San Francisco, and Hollywood.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump

I've been on a Beastie Boys kick and re-listened to their second album Paul's Boutique from start to finish. Good shit. This is the second track on their second album....

Phish Setlist and Recap - 10/25/2013 - Worcester, MA - Night 1

Put on a pot of chowdah and grab some heady lobstah rolls. After a one-night breather, the boys are hitting Worcester, Mass. for a two-night run. Webcast? Survey says no, but there's usually a feed to be found on Hoodstream. And as always, hit up Coventry's Twitter and Instagram feeds for live updates from Pauly.

Phish - 10/25/2013 - DCU Center, Worcester, MA

Set 1: Funky Bitch, Wolfman's Brotha, Wilson, The Curtain With, Cities, Rift, Free, My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own, Vultures, 46 Days

Set 2: Waves > Carini > Prince Caspian > Backwards Down the Number Line > Ghost > Dirt > DWD > Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley > Cavern > Antelope

E: Contact > Suzy Greenberg, Rocky Top, Good Times Bad Times

* * * *
Quickie Worcester Recap by Pauly

Took the train from NYC to Albany. Big Sis Lori (aka IronGirl) picked me up and we drove to Worcester. Shakedown was overrun by nitrous mongers. All balloons. Everywhere. Once again, the dark side of the force took over a segment of the lot and ran amok.

Fink is the Man! He upgraded our tickets from 200-level seats to Sec 102, right off the floor. Sold my extras for $50 each. Dunno why DCU Center blocks out the first two rows, but because of that strange policy, Row C was actually the first row. For a second show in a row, my crew had the first row off the floor and we caught Phish in a minor league hockey rink. Compared to Glen Falls CC, Worcester looked massive. Lots of rail jumpers appeared when the lights went down. Saw one wook leap 20+ feet down to the floor. Amazing. Flying wooks.

10-song first set anchored by Wolfman's Brah in the 2-hole, which featured a basic funk vamp that got everyone (band included) in the proper mood for the evening. I wagered on a Wilson opener (since Roch-Vegas), but Trey held off on his wank anthem until Worcester. This thunderous Wilson was dedicated to Trey's high school buddies. The Curtain With is always a beautiful piece of music and made me wonder: When is Phish going to write a new instrumental? Been a while. Cities was short and sweet. Lori felt a Free opener was on deck, but they pushed it to the middle of the set. Rare version of MMGAMOIO (seemed like the boys played it every other show in 1999). Vultures got hijacked by anxious Woo-heads. I caught a couple of smoking renditions of 46 Days in 3.0 which the band used as a launching pad and a late-first set jam vehicle, but this one was a quickie that ended a short opening set.

Super-mellow Waves kicked off the second set. Coupled with Carini, the boys served up a nice mind-bending set for anyone cooking on quality shrooms and/or other psychedelics. The end of Carini got lathered in plinko sauce. I lost interest during Caspian-Backwards, but finally got lured back into the mix at the end of Backwards. The Ghost jam peaked with a waterfall of notes by Big Red and those intense bright CK5 lights that illuminate the entire arena. It never really ended but Trey started whistling the intro to Dirt. Now that's a slow tune I can get behind. Mid-set DWD featured the return of Roid-Rage Gordo, who was flexing his guns all set. Did the band get bored with the DWD jam? It petered off and just when it almost died out completely, the room nearly exploded with the opening notes to Sneaking Sally from the Alley. Serious Page clav milkage. When Leo stands up, we get down. One of the peak crowd energy moments of the night (and the tour thus far). A jacked-up Cavern-Antelope double dip closed the set.

I'm very critical of Phish's encores, especially when they cheese out with a Show of Life turd. We know Phish is capable of pulling off crazy shenanigans for their encores, which is why it's disappointing when they finish off a smoking show with a "meh" encore. Friday was NOT one of those nights. Phish topped the first night at Worcester with a four-song encore (Contact, Suzy, Rocky Top, and Good Times Bad Times). Two of them were covers -- Zeppelin's bong-rattling GTBT and the traditional Tennessee anthem Rocky Top. Javier had a theory that whenever Phish busted out Rocky Top, that was their way of giving the show their stamp of approval. One thing is for sure... the band was having a legit blast the last two nights (three out of the last four if you count Sunday Hampton). When the band has fun, we have fun.

Six shows down, one more to go in Worcester.

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The Band - Pittsburgh (1970)

Levon Helm passed away a year ago this week. I stumbled upon this "rare" concert footage of The Band from 1970. Love the mustaches on Robbie and Danko. This brief video includes performances of Time to Kill, The Weight, This Wheel's on Fire, and Cripple Creek.

RIP George Jones

I tip my hat to the legendary George Jones...

41 Fucking Minutes

This is why I love Phish: "Fleezer" or a 41-minute version of Tweezer.

But wait, there's more... how about a Tweezer > Tweezer Reprise? Yep. And guess what? This is all part of the "filler" on the latest Phish live release.

The gang at Phish HQs decided to pad everyone's 1995 collection with 6/20/95 Blossom (just outside of Cleveland). It's one of my favorite places to see Phish (bitchin' Shakedown that goes on forever) and the band rarely disappoints their Ohio phans. The purchase is worth it if only to get that insane Fleezer.

Buy/download 6.20.95 here from

Setlist from 6/20.95:
Set I:
1. Llama (4:37)
2. Spock’s Brain (5:47)
3. Ginseng Sullivan > (3:05)
4. Foam (10:42)
5. Bathtub Gin (8:50)
6. If I Could (8:23)
7. Taste (7:04)
8. I Didn’t Know (3:24)
9. Split Open and Melt (14:10)

Set II:
1. Halley’s Comet > (5:52)
2. Chalkdust Torture (8:53)
3. Prince Caspian (2:51)
4. Uncle Pen (4:12)
5. Mike’s Song > (20:40)
6. Contact > (6:19)
7. Weekapaug Groove > (9:26)
8. Hold Your Head Up (1:41)
9. Cracklin’ Rosie > (2:36)
10. Hold Your Head Up (0:59)
11. Highway to Hell (4:01)

1. Slave to the Traffic Light (12:05)
2. Amazing Grace (2:19)

Filler – 6/22/95 II (Finger Lakes, Canandaigua, NY)
3. Theme from the Bottom > (18:17)
4. Tweezer > (41:37)
5. Tweezer Reprise (3:11)
Buy 6.20.9 now.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Maceo Parker and Pass the Peas

Maceo Parker will get you're ass in gear on this dreary Monday morning!

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Jake Bugg and Lightning Bolt

Our friend Hannah turned us onto Jake Bugg. It's great driving music. Lots of short, yet catchy bursts of lyrics and gritty acoustic guitar.

I listened to his self-titled album for a few days before I did some research into Jake Bugg. I thought he was one of those singer-songwriters from Laurel Canyon in the 1970s who churned one great album of personal tunes but then got run down by the usual culprits: women, cocaine, and too many creative blocks. Alas, I was surprised to find out that Jake Bugg was born in 1994! The kid from Nottingham, England isn't even 20 yet and he's achieved wunderkind status in British indie rock circles (competing with Alt-J as Great Britain's breakthrough act of 2012).

The lazy comparison is that Bugg is the British re-incarnation of Bob Dylan circa early 60s, but that is setting the kid up to fail, because he'll be ambushed by rabid Dylan Disciples, who will quickly tear him down for trying to come close to replicating their deity.

Jake Bugg had a sound that's a throwback to the late 60s and early 70s. If you dig deeper into his album, you'll start too see more alt-country influences than Dylan.

Here's a song that has gotten heavy airplay in my household...

Phish SPAC 7/5/13: Setlist and Recap - Night #1

Official poster by Drew Millard
The Phish returned to upstate New York for the first of a three-night run at SPAC.

This show (and all three SPAC shows) is being webcast over at

Here is the setlist for the Night #1 at SPAC:
Phish 7/5/13 - SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Kill Devil Falls, MoMA Dance, Sample, Roses Are Free, BIRDS, Yarmouth Road^,  GIN, Nellie Cane, Army of One, My Friend My Friend, Cities, Bowie

Set 2: Energy^^ > Light > Mango Song > 46 Days > Steam > Drowned > Slave

Encore: ZERO

^ FTP - debut of reggae-flavored "Yarmouth Road"
^^FTP - debut of "Energy" a cover by Apples In Stereo
Times: Set 1 began at 8: 24pm ET and ended at 9:54pm. Set 2 started at 10:24pm. Show ended at 11:45pm ET.

Couch Tour Recap: SPAC #1
by Pauly

I rocked couch tour. I custied up and bought the SPAC webcast. I saved $5 for buying all three shows and now have $5 more bucks in my "miscellaneous lot fund", which I can't wait to blow (on grilled cheese and contraband) as soon as I link up on tour in Chicago. I'm digging this couch tour lifestyle on the West Coast.... no wooks or shirtless drunk noobs or chatty schwilly girls... and by 5 o'clock in the afternoon I'm on my couch and ripping bingers and ready for a full-blown Phish religious experience beamed into the comforts of my living room. Plus I get to eat spicy (boneless) chicken wings and watch two baseball games at once and monitor Twitter while watching multi-camera coverage of Phish. Welcome to the future.

via "Leo Cam"
First set was 90-minutes of greatest hits plus one new song, Yarmouth Road. However, the second set was a stellar seven-song jam heavy set. Inclement weather is a small price to pay to see Phish. Thunderstorms delayed the show and my big sis IronGirl got stuck outside and had to wait almost a half hour before they re-opened the front gates.

SPAC kicked off with a throw-away KDF. Sloppy Moma Dance from the start, yet it finished full-throttle funk. Mellow intro to Roses Are Free slowly built up steam and created more of a fucking BANG during the tension-release segment. Jam fell victim to a Trey ripcord. Those six Ween fans in skinny black jeans and berets and Ween tattoos who got dragged to the show must've been pissed. Birds failed to take flight. It was an unexpected and reliable second set jam monster last summer, but it has now been demoted to first set filler. Trey tossed in an Ian's farm and barking dogs reference before Gordo sang lead on a new song -- Yarmouth Road. If you dig reggae Phish, then YR is up your alley. Happy, fluffy first set summer song. Positive sign to hear a new song. Hope there's more on the way. Gin jam might have been highlight of the set. My Friend didn't last long enough to truly get dark and devious. Funkified Cities. Set 1 ended with a smoking Bowie.

Ninety minutes of greatest hits... a little of everything... country, 80s and 90s covers, Page solo, old-school Phish, new school, and some 97 funk. Not much jamming, but solid first set.

I'm a die-hard fan of hour-long spurts of nonstop playing. For one, it prevents ADD-Trey from taking over and ripcording everything. Or worse, I hate those five minute huddles when Trey is trying to negotiate the next three songs with Gordo and Page. I prefer the sets when the band plays straight thru and lets the music organically evolve into the next song and the set becomes one free-flowing river. Even if you hated the song selection on Friday, the boys pulled off some pretty silky smooth segues. Only one seemed forced or rushed but everything else was like buttah.

Energy > Light > Mango Song > 46 Days > Steam > Drowned > Slave

I thought Energy was a new song, but it's an Apples in Stereo original. The Light delivered, but it was less of a ferocious monster and more dream-like and paranormal. Page's pumpkin jam on Light weaved in and out with Trey. Shroomy Mango Song, a throwback to the early 90s, makes me feels wobbly when I hear it. Kicked it up a notch with 46 Days. Didn't think they'd play Steam because we already got Light, yet they gave us both in the same set. Amazing alien-tractor beam lights by CK5. Spooky with all the fog/steam.

Pic by @Phish_FTR
What the fuck was going on during the Steam jam? Aside from the Divided Sky teases, Trey unleashed some freaky-ass shit. That bizarre avalanche of weird notes was the lowlight of the show for me. Live music is hit or miss. Trey missed... but I'm glad he took a shot instead of playing it safe. At the end of the Steam jam, Trey fumbled an opportunity to really blow the roof off of SPAC. Alas, Trey wanted to hang out in freak town and he certainly got there. Felt like I was gargling Jamba Juice spiked with ketamine. Too many bloated whales.

Jonas said it best, "Trey played some bad notes in those scales. You can Tell when Trey is rusty because the whales start coming out to feed."

After mostly a trippy-mellow set, Fishman came in strong on a thunderous intro to Drowned, which sounded like the running of the bulls. Wish they'd leave the Fish Cam on Fishman the entire song just so we could watch him channel his inner Keith Moon. My girlfriend wasn't impressed with Gordo's voice, "He can't hit those notes anymore." Hey, Daltry cant hit them either, but Gordo was a little off. Slave had a tender minimalist intro. They saved all those extra notes for the ending, which they nailed. Zero encore had plenty of dirty tones. Trey ditching the Ocedoc and switching guitars is most notable on tunes like Zero.

SPAC night #1 had the best of both worlds -- greatest hits in the opening set and old school jamming in the second set. After the second show, it's safe to say Phish has shaken off all the rust. Now let's see what they can really do with the next two nights at SPAC.

Check out Bangor 7/3/13 setlist and couch tour recap.

FYI... download the 7.5.13 SPAC show over at LivePhish. If you have the app, then you can stream the show.

Update: Fink went to the show. Check out his 3am review: Steamy in SPAC.

Fink's SPAC Review: Steamy in SPAC

Editor's Note: Our good friend Fink offered to write SPAC reviews for us. I thought he was going to write a final recap when he got back to San Diego, but at 4am he sent me this review. Enjoy!! Cheers, Pauly

Guest Review: Steamy in SPAC
by Fink

Phink checking in. 3:30 AM (its OK -- only 12:30 in whale's vagina)... currently sitting in the lobby of the Saratoga Hilton banging out this recap.

Pauly asked me to write about this run as he's actually missing some shows and saving up for Fall Tour or some nonsense. Its not often that I am at a Phish that Pauly isn’t at (dude as seen over 70% of 3.0) so it is an honor and a privilege to step in for him. Unfortunately for y’all this is Manny Mendoza pinch-hitting for Ken Griffey, Jr. so bear with me.

Before we get started a quick note about my credentials… triple digit shows, 17 shows this summer, 1993 Roxy first show, multiple Halloweens, multiple festivals including Cypress and like most of us listen to Phish religiously. Not only do I listen to Phish religiously, Phish is actually my religion. I am Jewish (why do the members of the tribe like Phish so much?) by birth but am agnostic when it comes to religion, yet I am very proud of my Jewish heritage/culture. But Phish is my religion. It is where I go to see my community, tithe in the form of travel expenses, downloads, tickets, merchandise, etc., bond with old and new friends, worship at the alter of the phab four, hang out with the phamily that I choose, etc. My pops, easily the coolest guy I know, asked me if I went for the music or the experience. I told him it was some of both. The music is untouchable -- they are hands down the greatest band ever; but the experience is as important as the music.

Another quick note: When Phish is on tour and we are on the road, I love following the Phish tweeters and reading the recaps but sometimes my opinion is shaped by what everyone else has written, tweeted, etc. (e.g. "I will let you know what I think about the show after I check the internet!"). To do this recap, I have specifically not looked at my Twitter feed and won't read other recaps until after I submit my homework to Pauly in order to attempt to give you an unbiased opinion of my experience. I also have not re-listened to the show yet.

Here it goes…

(My friend) Trey, Megan, Wookie, Lauren and I drove up from Boston the day of the show, met up with Carmine (you can't miss Carmine – he wears a moomoo to every show and was wearing a pink moomoo and a cape tonight) and Spider. I got ready and picked out a special shirt for the show: my South African soccer jersey to (1) pay homage to (my friend) Trey and Megan who moved back from Cape Town last year, (2) a nod to Grant who is a soccer fan, coach, lover of Phish and Panic and who partook in the SPAC festivities last year but was unable to do so this year, (3) proclaim my love for the beautiful game, and (4) look Phish cool. Phish fashion is a funny thing – people want to dress for Phish in a manner that makes it look like they don’t care... but they do. Some pick out their specific shirts to wear (e.g. Pauly's Ocelot shirt), some are peacocking in outlandish outfits, some are in costumes, the girls pick out their funky accessories (they may be funky but they are accessories) and dress in the bohemian style that I love and look hippy sexy. I have my outfits picked out for each show…but I don’t want it to look like I did too much.

We hustled over to the lot around 5:00. It was a scorcher in Saratoga. Being from Sandy Eggo (aka San Diego) where anything outside an eight degree range (68-76 degrees) is too hot or too cold (and has, according to my friends, made me soft), this weather is especially brutal. We took care of business in the lot (will call, getting tickets to peeps, getting show provisions, rounding up and saying hello to friends, spending money on all of the Phishy stuff in shakedown -- my favorite being the Heisenberg Breaking Bad Its Ice sticker Spider gave me) and headed into the show. However, they would not let us in. Security indicated over a bullhorn that they weren’t going to let anyone in until the storm passed. We huddled under a guest services tent and waited out the storm. The natives were getting restless (multiple "Let us in!" types of chants) and finally we were able to go through security. We headed to our seats. Walking in, my friend Trey commented that SPAC was like a deconstructed/open air Hampton, a neat observation.

We had traded different sets of pavilion tickets and were able to all sit together Section 7, Rage Side about 20 rows up. Nice set-up. FYI, SPAC lawn is as bad as they say. It's sloped, tonight it was wet and muddy and exposed to the elements, you can barely see the venue and the biggest crime of all – the sound is, as Charles Barkley would say, "Turr-a-bull."

Set 1

Phish came on later than expected due to the rain delay. Standard Moma, Roses had no jam, Birds was tight, enjoyed it. I really liked the new tune ("Yarmouth Road") – it was a cool bluegrass/reggae vibe and to me sounded like it definitely came mostly from the mind of the Cactus. I love Gin, thought this was GREAT, and I caught a glowstick mid-air during Gin causing 4 or 5 people around me to give me some dap. I also, as typical during Gin, wondered "where is the Joker?" but then smiled knowing that I will see him for part of the west coast run with Pauly. Finally a most pleasurable cities -> bowies to close it out – live it seemed like a beautiful transition by Fish between the songs.

I wasn’t at Bangor however listening to the soundboard vs. the show tonight seems like a no brainer to me. Obviously I have in-person bias, however as somebody starting his tour at SPAC, it was a perfect set-up. They played songs I didn’t mind missing but clearly were well practiced and super tight.

Set break was fun, just hung out in the seat catching up with old and new friends. Talked to one young guy (lots of young phans in the crowd, very good to see) who just got his degree in music business. Having grown up in the music business and having a sister who has owned her own ass kicking and taking names company in the music business for a decade (so proud of the Jedi), it was fun to talk to him. The most important piece of advice I gave him was to read Bob Lefsetz. Set break seemed shorter than normal – likely due to the rain delay.

Set 2

Another song I had never heard! I have no idea the last time I went to a Phish show and didn’t recognize two songs. Love love love seeing the boys busing out new stuff. They are overdue. They put "Energy" in a big spot (second set opener) but it was young so the training wheels stayed on. I saw some Brooklyn hipster singing the song and asked him about the song and he said it was a pop cover. Light was the start of beautiful, patient, mellow, blissful, soulful, loving Phish. They had a mellow vibe tonight but played so perfectly. Light (don’t like the song, but love the jams that come out of it) was perfectly paired with Mango (first time?). The all-star part of the show, and one I will listen to ad nauseam, was the 46 days into Steam (a perfect song as it was STEAMING in the pavilion all night) into Drowned (which I had called as an opener as we were huddled under the guest services tent during the severe downpour – it was seriously coming down). Such delicate and polished playing for that stretch. Best. Band. Ever. And then Slave - knowing I was writing this review for Pauly (such a talented writer, dedicated blogger, incredible Phan, good friend)… to get his favorite tune was awesome. And they nailed it. To (my friend) Trey's credit, he called the Slave and during the encore break predicted Character Zero (which in all honesty I poo-poo’d and said it wasn’t that type of vibe). Being seasoned veterans and knowing the shit show that it can be getting back to Toga proper, we huddled during the encore break and discussed leaving midway through the encore dependent upon the song selection. Phish chose Zero and we bailed mid-way through the song hearing the last notes as we walked out of the south gate and hustled to a cab.

We got back to Saratoga, the crew splintered (some for food, some for bed) and I ended up hitting downtown with Spider. We met some cute girls with laminates, some serious phish babes including a girl that actually recognized me from Long Beach (in the midst of the 10 day wookie bachelor party), had some very cool phish community exchanges (everyone giddy, talking about the show, what shows you are hitting on this tour, etc.) and tried to convince some locals they absolutely positively had to go see Phish this weekend. The time is now.

SPAC  Night 1 is in the books. I'm going to bed.

Guest post by Fink... our good pal from San Diego. 

FYI... here is the complete setlist and Pauly's couch touch review of 7/5/13. Watch the new songs here.

Phish 7/14/13 MPP: Setlist and Recap - Merriweather Night #2, Columbia, MD

Official poster by Doe Eyed
Phish completed the second of a two-night stint at Merriweather, one of the band's favorite venues on the East Coast.

Here is the setlist from the Sunday show:
Phish 7/14/13 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD

Set 1: First Tube, MoMA Dance > NICU, Roses Are Free > Chalkdust, STASH, Scent of a Mule, Ice, Tube, Antelope

Set 2: Golden Age > Twist > Backwards > Light > Boogie On > Julius, YEM

Encore: Loving Cup

Times: Set 1 began at 7:40pm and ended at 9:02pm. Set 2 started at 9:28pm. The show ended at 10:51pm ET.

Here is the 7/13/13 setlist from MPP night #1. Also, click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.
Fish's new toy -- electric marimba
Photo by Lisa Dorothy (H/T @HoodStream)

Couch Tour Recap: MPP #2 Sunday Sunday
by Pauly

Never miss a Sunday show, eh? Second night at MPP. I was rocking out on couch tour courtesy of a crisp stream (thanks to "telephish" and Hood Streams). First set was the standard greatest hits with 10 songs spread out over 80 minutes with a sick Stash, while the second set was a 7-song beast anchored by YEM.

The First Tube opener is one of fastest ways to inject a shit ton of energy into the crowd from the get go. First Tube Roids. Moma funk continued the groove. NICU is a perfect summer song. Crowd was into Roses. Trey wanked off in Chalkdust. Silky smooth key changes in Stash, plus Trey slayed the mofo-dragon in the Stash jam. Really got to enjoy CK5's lights during outro. I'm very critical of Stash the last few years (saw too many phoned-in or lazy peaks in previous versions), but tonight's Stash delivered on all fronts. I can't wait to re-listen. Best pat of Scent was when Fish went all Mickey Hart on us and he played with his new gizmo -- an electric marimba. Amazing delicious jam out of Ice. Funk-fusion came out of nowhere. Tube popped up to continue the funky mood. Short, as per usual. Band felt frisky going into Antelope. Crowd was jacked. You could hear that frenetic energy through the stream. They were ready to explode.

CK5 during TUBE funk
We lost a perfect feed (crisp audio and video) for the second set and had to settle on just audio. Still lucky to hear it. Set 2 opened with Golden Age, which smoothly moved into Twist territory. Patient jamming all night. Trey sat back and let songs evolve instead of anxiously yanking the ripcord whenever he got antsy. First four songs clocked in around 10 minutes each. Light matriculated into a post-modern afro-funk stop-start jam over a couple minutes before delving into Boogie On. Avoided a down shift into a slower tune and go an uptempo Julius instead (typically this was the part of the show when Fish needed a breather and Trey got to sing a ballad). Monstah YEM closed the 7-song set, with an angry monks eating monkeys vocal jam. Rocking Loving Cup encore.

MPP run came to a close with another big second set. The boys head southbound to Atlanta for their only interlude into southern waters before the party migrates to Chicago for a three-night rager.

FYI... download 7/14/13 MP #1 at

Phish 7/16/13 Alpharetta: Setlist and Recap - Heartbreaker Night #1

Official poster by Justin Santora
Phish returned to Atlanta for a two-night stint in the burbs at the cozy Alpharetta ampitheatre.

Here is the setlist from the first night in Georgia...
The Phish, 7/16/13 Alpharetta, GA

Set 1:  Kill Devil Falls, Mound, GIN, Army of One, Rift, Horn, Possum, Pebbles and Marbles, Ocelot, Cavern, Antelope 
Set 2:Rock n Roll > Heartbreaker ** > Makisupa > Chalkdust > Wilson > Tweezer > Silent > Birds > Joy, HOOD, Zero

Encore: A Day in the Life, Tweeprise

Notes: ** FTP, Justin Beiber Cover (just kidding... it was Taylor Swift)

Times: Set 1 began at 8:11pm ET and ended at 9:35pm. Set 2 began at 10:05pm. The show ended at 11:36pm ET.

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

KDF opener via @jiggslikesphish

Couch Tour Recap: Alpharetta #1 - Hotlanta Heartbreaker
By Pauly

Phish better hope word doesn't get out that they've been practicing witchcraft in the Bible Belt. The zealots and moralists get freaked out by hocus pocus hippie alchemy. They should be. We're coming to your town to help you party down. Lock the medicine cabinets. Hide your daughters. The Phish hath returned to Georgia.

I rocked out on couch tour while counting the hours until my first real show of the tour (Chicago). Arigato to Yasu for the crisp feed. By the start of the second set, I was bumming that I did not jump on tour sooner.

Trey was in full-blown rock God mode and went Heartbreaker on everyone in the second set. Trey teased the fuck out of Zepelin cover throughout the rest in Wilson, Tweezer, Hood, and Zero. Too bad Rock and Roll jam was overshadowed by the Heartbreaker hijinks. All in all, another wild night with the Phish.

KDF was a perfect warm-up. They were ready to roll and even pulled off Mound with minimal miscues (someday they'll nail it). Late-set Gins pack a bigger punch, nevertheless, this one in the 3-hole had a tasty-bubbly jam. Rift and Horn back to back gave me flashbacks to college (in Atlanta of all places) when we listened to Rift album nonstop shortly after it came out because we had 3 bootlegs among ten of us budding Phisheads. Horn licks in the Possum intro. Page hammered the ivories on Possum jam. Thought a TTE was coming... but it was thankfully Pebbles and Marbles. I fancy myself an Ocelot aficionado. That mini-jam was a good A-, accented by Page/Gordo's tag team, wild Samoan jam. Slightly longer pause at end of Cavern. Crowd was stoked for Antelope. Eleven songs in the first set, which fell right in line with how they'd approached gis this year. The Phish Summer Tour 2013 Formula for set 1... greatest hits and deep cuts sprinkled throughout a 90-minute. 11-song opening set. The second sets have been around 2-3 songs lighter, but with significantly more jamming.

Page Warhol
Set 2 kicked off with a smoking Rock and Roll... a harbinger of some classic rock with a nod to Velvet Underground, the OG hipsters. The RR jam was so artsy and peppy that Andy Warhol would have been so impressed with Page that if this were 1966, he woulda repalced Nico with Leo. Trey dropped a few Jimmy Page licks in there and thought it was just a tease, but then they launched into a an all-out Heartbreak assault. Flashbacks from the night I was super schwilly in Atlantic City for Zeppelin night. The jam got a little crunchy-funky before Makisupa. Trey got his ya-yas out with Chalkdust self-wankery. The crowd went apeshit for Wilson. Trey was in full-blown guitar-rock God mode. There was nothing stopping him rest of this set... (except Joy). Rock-funk Tweezer. Everyone knew a Heartbreaker was going to get a call back. I still went nuts (on my couch, doing air guitar like a total tool). Hertbreaker got squeezed in whenever Trey could add a lick or tease (like in Wilson, Tweezer,  Hood, and Zero). Another Silent without Horse (I like it,but did those two break up?). Quickie Birds. Trey flubbed Joy. Fishman was raging all set and he needed a break, but I though that's what Silent was for? Hood got the energy cooking again. Intense tension-release on Zero. Crowd hung on every note. The encore was a Leo-slaying Beatles cover A Day in the Life and highly-anticipated Tweeprise.

Tuesday barn burner with another one coming tomorrow.

 FYI... download 7/16/13 at

Phish Video: Three Sets - Northerly Island, Chicago 7/20/13

Thanks to G-Money for finding this ripped webcast of the Saturday show. The second set was all heat.

Fast forward 30 minutes and the show starts then....

Phish Lake Tahoe Setlist 7/31/13 - Harvey's Night 2 - Stateline, NV

Official poster by Jeff Soto
 Phish completed the second of a two-night run at Harvey's Lake Tahoe.

Here is the setlist...
The Phish, 7/31/13 Harvey's Lake Tahoe, Stateline, NV

Set 1: Chalkdust, Camelwalk, Sparkle, Back on the Train, Ice, Brian + Robert, Yarmouth Road, KDF, Lawn Boy, Ocelot, Stash

Set 2: Tweezer^ > Tela > Twist > Architect, Bouncin*, Antelope

E: Julius, Tweeprise

* Pauly Takes a Piss Song 
^36 min Tweezer
Times: 7:06-8:22 and 8:58-10:25

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Daft Punk Soul Train

Here's Lose Yourself to Dance featuring Soul Train dancers.

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Good Times (Extended Instrumental)

It's Monday morning... the last one before Fall Tour begins. So it's time to get down and dirty and kick off this dreadful Monday morning with a little instrumental version of Good Times by Chic. Yes, enjoy the crossroads of funk and disco...

Phish Setlist: 11/2/2013, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Fall Tour 2013 comes to a close tonight in Atlantic City. Don't forget, the show is being webcast on Live Phish!

Phish - 11/2/2013 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Set 1: Wilson, Rift, Ocelot, Water in the Sky, Sample in a Jar, Funky Bitch, 46 Days, Theme from the Bottom, Yarmouth Road, Limb By Limb, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

Set 2: Down with Disease > Piper > Roggae > Waves > Tweezer > Julius, Backwards, Zero

E: Sleeping Monkey > Tweeprise

Photo courtesy of

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This product is low-power household comb massager that is professionally designed for baldhead. It is a new multifunction comb massager that can be easily operated at home. It has magic effect on removing oil stains, growing new hairs and preventing from losing hairs.Principle of hair growthIt adopts technology of infra-red, impulse. It stimulates the deeply-slept hair follicle through eight electronic points, kills attached scalp bacteria, expands capillary vessel, promotes metabolism and obtains effect of hair re-growth.It will gradually recover rejuvenation through physical vibration to massage and promote head blood circulation effectively. Five-row special-made steel columns tease head repeatedly to advance absorbency of hair follicles and fully exert the effect of hair-growth lotions. After its fully absorbency, tenuous new hairs gradually outgrow.

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Air Therapy Air Therapy Spray Silver 4.6 oz ( Multi-Pack)


  • TRIPLE VALUE PACK! You are buying THREE of Air Therapy Air Therapy Spray Silver 4.6 oz Air Freshener Silver Spruce This non-aerosol mist neutralizes all odors, and it's chemical-free, non-toxic, and safe for you and the environment. Each droplet contains active electrical ions (nature's......
  • Quantity: MULTI VALUE PACK! You are buying Description: AIR THERAPY SPRAY,SILVER Unit Size: 4.6 OZ Brand: AIR THERAPY-MIA ROSE PRODUCTS

List Price: $22.47
This Month Special Price: check this out!

Product Description
TRIPLE VALUE PACK of Air Therapy Air Therapy Spray Silver 4.6 oz - Air Freshener Silver Spruce This non-aerosol mist neutralizes all odors, and it's chemical-free, non-toxic, and safe for you and the environment. Each droplet contains active electrical ions (nature's own air cleaners) that attract, neutralize and continuously clean the air you breathe. USDA accepted - safe around food & restaurants Non-aerosol, recyclable steel OSHA compliant Cruelty-free Aromatherapeutic PART USED: Essential oil, fresh needles, small twigs Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Stimulant, Physical energy, Relieves Anxiety and Stress. The crisp scent of a forest just after a rain stimulating the thinking while the body rests and relaxes. Creates a comfortable "at home" feeling. Elevates your emotions, yet instills a grounding effect. Combined with Orange acts as a natural bacteriostat. Repels negativity. Air Therapy Air Freshener Air Therapy is a 100% natural purifying mist for the air you breathe, with aromatherapeutic

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