The winter cold finally caught up to our house. Damien, who hardly ever gets sick (in fact the last time we can really remember him being truly sick was when he was 3), has come down with a cold. This weekend we gave him some children's NyQuil and sent him to bed. Still there is this persistent dry cough, one that gets under your skin and makes you give the poor boy a million cough drops.
We did manage to paint the dining room and are planning on finishing it tonight. There hasn't been much craftiness lately beside an ornament which I will show you soon. My plan was to try to finish up the scarf I've been working on. Last night, while dear hubby watched one of his movies, I sat on the couch and did a row of knitting. The next row I did unsuccessfully. Panic set in, as I'm not that much of an experienced knitter and this row needed to be unraveled. Searching the internet I did find how to do this without unraveling my whole project, that is 85% done. The only problem is I messed it up - not once, not twice - but 3 times! So just when dear hubbies movie was finishing I got my scarf back on track only it's now at 50% done. Needless to say it's going to take a bit longer than I thought. 

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