Grey Days

Today was grey. Full of lots of rain with no escape. Big wind gusts and this chill in the air. I would much rather snow - at least a small dusting before the holiday. Last night I wrapped up some watercolor prints and snack bags for the kids teachers. It's important to honor teachers and I do think it brightened their day to be appreciated.
 The day required warmth, so I lit candles and made homemade bread for the neighbors. Carefully wrapping the still warm loafs in parchment paper, with a new flour sack dishtowel, all bundled with some bakers twine, I set out my oldest delivery boy - who got many hugs for his job. I took a moment today to admired the lovely vintage ornaments my dear friend sent and got to work on some watercolor holiday cards. For a moment while sitting at my desk, my back turned to the window, I believe the sun peeked out. It felt like it just wanted to admire my work before making winter all grey again.  

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