100,000 Pageviews Giveaway

Let it Snow vintage lace
I am by no means a stats blogger, worrying about numbers or checking how many followers I have all the time. There are small celebrations every now and then, when I get lovely comments or compliments on something I have worked very hard on. This little blog is not considered work, nor would I want it to ever feel like that. It's simply a place to connect, share, and feel very proud of. Being a busy mom, wife, caregiver, vision therapist, artist, online shop owner, and whatever title I might carry on any certain day - it's takes a deal of dedication and time. Something I give whole heartily to this space, willingly, without any expectations.
So when your this kind of blogger, to notice you are just a mere 25 pageviews away (at the moment) from 100,000 views is well, astonishing, to say the least. For me, it's just the thought that my words are being read and listened to - what a joyful thing.
So as a thank you to anyone who has looked at my blog, left a comment, follows me silently or loudly - a small no rules giveaway. Just leave any comment on this post by December 22nd to be entered, and of course a way for me to contact you, for a chance to win a Let It Snow Garland. I will find some amazing or not so amazing way to pick a winner - and announce it here.
Good luck and Thank you all for helping me reach a milestone ♥
This giveaway is now closed - stay tuned for a winner!

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