Dispatches from the Kitchen - After Thanksgiving

There are dishes that still need to get done but all the bellies are stuffed. The biggest hit was the homemade apple pie. I couldn't find my leaf cookie cutters, so I went for the cute little squirrel. He says the ending of fall and beginning of winter perfectly. 

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some classic green bean casserole, so I made it even though dear hubby and I were the only ones who will eat it. I asked the kids what they were thankful for this year. Damien said he was so thankful to have met friends in our new neighborhood. Aries was thankful that I made devil eggs and Odyn...well he was thankful that zombies didn't eat his brain. Of course Aries said "A Man" to that ..so we are counting it as our Thanksgiving prayer. We still have two more thanksgivings to go to but I hung up my apron until Christmas.

 There are plans to keep this weekend busy, whether that's painting the dining room, setting up Christmas decorations, or enjoying the towns festivities. I love busy weekends - for some reason it makes them feel just a little bit longer.

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