Dining Room Before

Every room in the house really does have wallpaper - that was not an exaggeration. The dining room is no exception. While the wallpaper does speak to the harvest season, with it's fall like colors and plentiful fruit, it's coming down. Hopefully this weekend. 
The room is really truly unique. It has wonderfully big original wavy glass windows that form a lovely square around you that look out into the yard and onto the porch, just perfect for bird watching. There are small nooks and crannies in this room that were just so hard to capture with the camera. This room feels like the hub of downstairs. The place where everyone is going to want to be chatting during the holidays or playing a game at the table, with a fire crackling in the fireplace. It connects the kitchen (where I took the first picture from) to the front hall way, and you can see into our living room (last picture).
While we don't have the perfect table, hutch, or anything else picked out just yet we did pick a color. It's that little dark gray square above the fireplace in the second photo, Twin Cities by Allen & Roth. A moody slate gray, that will compliment lit candles at dinner parties. The other thing we almost immediately deciding on after the first or second day here was that the chandelier had to be replaced. It lovingly gives off a wonderful earth shattering glass shaking sound every time the kids are upstairs, mostly because the boys room is directly above. So that game of plush angry birds football can be heard throughout the downstairs. The image of Rob and I going into a lighting store and literally shaking and swinging the light to make sure it doesn't make any noise keeps popping into my head.
I also have plans for a fireplace makeover. There will not be any varnish stripping this time! Where the red brick is I have plans for some handmade tiles. It's something dear hubby and I are going to experiment with to get just right. I was thinking of maybe something with texture like these pressed lace tiles.

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