Phish Setlist 7/22/13 Toronto, Canada

Official Poster by Pat Hamou
Phish has not played a show in Canada since 2000! They returned to the Great White North for one night of mayhem... which is a make-up date after the original show was postponed a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, Phish Rain Tour will not be in full effect tonight and those fans remain dry.

Here is the setlist...
The Phish, 7/22/13 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Set 1: MoMa Dance, Chalkdust, UNDERMIND Army of One, Halley's Comet > Twist, Bouncin', Stash, Yarmouth Road, Tube, Ocelot, Suzy

Set 2: DWD > 2001 > Free > Piper > Tweezer > Silent*, Backwards > Cavern, Bowie

Encore: Loving Cup, Coil, Tweeeeezer Reprise ...
Notes: * without HORSE again

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