Phish San Francisco Setlist 8/3/13 Bill Graham - Night 2; Plus Bonus Wook Patrol Podcast

Original Poster by Tyler Stout
One more Saturday night with Phish. It's the middle of the three-show run at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium....
The Phish 8/3/13, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Grind, Weigh, Alumni Blues > Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Lengthwise > Maze, Sample, NICU, Mound, Jesus Left Chicago, Driver, Timber Ho, Axilla, BUG, Possum, First Tube

Set 2: Rock and Roll > Steam > Backwards > Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug, Joy, Fluffhead, 2001 > Slave

E: Waste, Suzy

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We recorded a new Wook Patrol podcast the morning after the show...
Episode 8: How Not to Pick Up Suicide Girls at Phish and The Joker's Phishy Fortune Cookies (13:22) - The morning after Saturday's SF show... Pauly wakes up the Joker, who tells two stories. One is about a hipster dude trying to pick up a Suicide Girl... and failing miserably. The Joker then talks about giving out fortune cookies with Phish Lyrics.

Here are the other two episodes we recorded in San Francisco after the Friday show...
Episode 6: Snooty San Francisco Marina Chicks Hate Phish? (5:07)
Episode 7: Wildo's Anti-Woo Stance; To Woo Or Not to Woo? (4:06)
And here are the Lake Tahoe episodes...
Episode 1: What Do You Do During Velvet Sea and the "Phishy Chick or Hooker?" Game (2:53)
Episode 2: Joker the Tahoe Lot DJ (3:13)
Episode 3: Phamily Poker Classic 3 Charity Tournament for Mockingbird - Update (2:44)
Episode 4: Change100 Makes Final Table of Phamily Poker Classic (3:59)
Episode 5: Poop Your Pants (with Derek the Hitchhiker) (1:29)

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