Phish Setlist San Francisco 8/2/13 Bill Graham Night 1

Phish returned to San Francisco for a three-night run at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Here is what you missed:

The Phish, 8/2/13 San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Free, Meat, Oh Kee Pa > BAG, Vultures, Roggae, SAND, Circus Comes to Town, Bablyon, Reba, Halfway to the Moon, Golgi

Set 2: PYITE > DWD > Caspian > Farmhouse > Seven Below > Theme > HOOD, Faulty Plan Coil

Encore: Walls of the Cave

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via @Phish_FTR

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We recorded two quickie Wook Patrol podcasts at the after-party...
Episode 6 - Marina Chicks Hate Phish (5:07) -- Three miserable snooty girls from the Marina got dragged to see Phish in San Francisco. The Joker and Pauly talk about their plight...

Episode 7 - Wildo's Anti-Woo Stance; To Woo Or Not to Woo? (4:06) - After a mixed reaction from the "woo" audience participation at the first night in San Francisco, Pauly asks Wildo to explain his anti-Woo stance.

Listen to the Wook Patrol archives here, including the Tahoe episodes.

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