Cleane - Acne Therapy Device Applied Blue Light Technology


  • Acne Therapy Device Applied Blue Light Technology
  • FDA Approved
  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Fast Treatment: 2 1/2 mins
  • Portable device, Rechargeable

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Product Description*Intendes use ( Indication for use ) CLEANE is indicated for the treatment of individual acne pimples in person with mild to moderate inflammatory acne.*How CLEANE works ( Treatment mechanism ) CLEANE emit"Blue light" and heat shock" to kill P.acnes. Blue light illuminated to P.acnes colonies induces photo-excitation of bacterial porphyrins and stimulates the production of single oxygen.Technical / Physical specification Power consumption DC 3.7V 250mA Power by Rechargeable Lithum ion Charger : PC USB cable or Adaptor *Clinical report Intended purpose; Evaluate efficacy of the treatment before application, and at 4, 24, 72 hours after application.How to use; Apply device to pimple for 2minute 30seconds. Facial Image : Before application, and at 4, 24 and 72 hours after application, the incipient acne lesion image was captured with a Folliscope 2.8 ( LeadM, Korea) at 50x magnification.*Clinical evaluation 'Improvement of acne and 'decrease in acne's size' all of the subjects offered positive responses 'Pulls or irritates the skin and purchasing intention all of the subject offered positive responses 'easy of use' all of the subject offered positive responses BlueMD - Acne Blue Light Therapy Treatment: Beauty Dermatologists have been using Blue Light Therapy to reduce and eliminate acne breakouts for over 20 years. This technology is FDA Approved and has been proven ... NYC Dermatologist - Dr. Gary Rothfeld Board Certified ... NYC Dermatologist by Board Certified Dermatologist Dr.Gary Rothfeld. Offices in New York City Dermatology, NYC Dermatology, Dermatologist Manhattan Dermatology. NanoComputer nano news. CKMNT to launch 1st edition of Indian Nanotechnology Directory - Nanotechnology News (press release) Nanotechnologies Congress in Moscow: 'We will turn the ... NATURAL SKIN CARE LOVE The Latest Tips and Advice for ... NATURAL SKIN CARE LOVE The hottest online resource for natural skin care advice for people who want to look beautiful naturally! Photodynamic therapy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Photodynamic therapy (PDT), sometimes called photochemotherapy, is a form of phototherapy using nontoxic light-sensitive compounds that are exposed selectively to ... Intuit: small business, personal finance and tax software Start your small business with QuickBooks accounting and financial software from Intuit. Tackle tax, budgets and personal finance with TurboTax, Quicken and Mint. Laser Links Website links to all major medical laser manufacturers, distributors and accessory companies, including laser service and OEM's. Hummingbird Medical, Cosmetic, and Aesthetic Institute Hummingbird awaits you with the latest in treatments and technology to enhance your appearance. We offer a number of non-invasive medical and aesthetic skin treatment ... Photo Facial Machines Photo Facial Machines Certifications can give you peace of mind that you are purchasing a product that has been independently tested and certified to pass established standards for your ... Sunshine and Blue Light May Help You Fight Infections According to a study, blue light is a potential non-toxic, non-antibiotic therapy for treating skin and soft tissue infections.

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