Monday Morning Key Bumps: LCD Soundsystem

I watched the LCD Soundsystem documentary like fourteen times in the last week. At least I finally stopped watching the Eagles documentary, which I've been addicted the last few months.

Anyway, I originally saw Shut Up and Play the Hits at the end of March. It's about the disbanding of the band and their farewell concert at MSG. Chuck Klosterman interviewed frontman Jim Murphy and parts of their chat was weaved throughout the film.

It's easy to quit a band that's on its last licks, but Jim Murphy has titanium balls. He pulled the plug on a popular ensemble. I had an unusual connection with Murphy and I wrote about it here... Shut Up and Play the Hits and How I Killed a Purple Cow.

This is a perfect music to get your ass in gear on a gloomy Monday morning. What more do you need than fresh squeezed, OJ, a bump of crushed up Adderall and Jim Murphy waxing poetically about hipsterdom?

This is LCD's "hit" song All My Friends...

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