Surprise flowers
Opening Petals
This week was full of surprises, both good and bad. We ripped up the carpet in the hallway, up the stairs, and in the boys room. Bad surprise - the very old orange carpet padding had turned into a crumbly stuck on powdery mess that was turning our socks/feet orange. At first I tried to maybe get it wet and see if maybe I could mop it up - nope. Then we turned to hand scraping it into large piles of dusty mess and then sweeping. This got the most of it but there is still some there. Not a pretty site. Good surprise - when we ripped up the boys carpet and padding we found an old calendar from 1945. It's in rough shape, but still perfect for the scrapbook. Another small piece of our houses history. 
Soon the house will be a buzz with projects. I'm looking forward to getting the dining room fireplace in working order, all the hardwood floors refinished, and furniture! After much debate I decided to not stain the hardwood floors but simply leave them in their most natural historic state. It was this lovely post that sealed the deal. Crossing our fingers that our hardwood have just as much natural variation as these. While we are still waiting for quotes on all the work, I've been looking dreaming of furniture. Simplifying our move we got rid of anything we didn't absolutely love or need, that was in need of repair, or just hand me downs. While in theory that was great and did make for a pretty simple move, it's been a nightmare for organization and storage. There is a small part of me doing cartwheels and cheering that soon I will be able to take a picture of a room that is fully furnished and completely renovated!
Now we hunkering down this weekend as another surprise - a blizzard of 2 feet or more of snow is blowing in. Dear hubby stopped at the grocery store and picked up some goodies this morning. In his words it looked more like zombies were coming than snow. Cans of food were actually on aisle floors, like a mob of people just ran through. With all the snow, we were lucky to get an adult snow day, making our weekend a long 4 day one. If that wasn't a nice enough surprise, to be able to snuggle inside with the family, dear hubby got me flowers. My favorite - white daisies. Sometimes he just gets me. 

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