Getting Inspired

Lately everything seemed lack luster. Nothing to take pictures of, nothing of interest, and everyday feeling the same. It wasn't, but just uninspiring. I dislike that. It feels like I have no motivation to even pick up the camera or finish a project, never mind start one. Which tends to lead to a very quiet place here.
Then I start to think of all the fun things coming up. A couple more birthdays to plan, home improvement projects, ideas of stitching colorful threads, and visiting vintage shops for much needed furniture (btw still haven't found a good local thrifting spot). Add in some Mumford & Sons music and a couple lit candles - the inspiration comes back, like finding an old friend.
Rooms here that haven't gotten their fair share behind the lens, start to get their turn. Whole food menus get prepared and planned. Thoughts get scribbled down. Toes get painted. New plants, add new life. All it took was a little coaxing.

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