One of the BIGGEST, most IMPORTANT things I want to implement this summer is A LOT of daily reading for my kids! I am soooo tired of TV I can’t even tell you. I think the effect of TV, especially TODAY’S programming, on kids is absolutely awful.  When we move, I am thinking of not getting TV hooked up, at least for a good, long while!

Have you heard of How Does She?  It is a site packed full of fun ideas. If you sign up for their email list they will send you passwords to be able to download some of their fun printables.

I recently got an email from them containing a password for printables for a

 Summer Reading Program!

It is super cute and I think it will be so fun for my kids! You can read all about the program HERE

I am hoping they will add a blank bingo board so we can fill in our own ideas for places for our kids to read.  If you like that idea, I hope you will ask them to do it for us!

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