Phish 7/17/13 Alpharetta: Setlist and Recap - Wetlanta Beach Burgers Night #2

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Phish played the second of a two-night stint in the Atlanta burbs.

Here is the setlist :
The Phish 7/17/13 Alpharetta, GA

Set 1: JIM, MoMA, Funky Bitch, Divided Sky, GUMBO, Nellie Cane, Frost*, Alaska, Guyute, Faulty Plan, Suzy Greenstein
Set 2: PYITE > Drowned > Water in the Sky, Energy > Fluffhead > Piper > Fast Enough for You, 2001 > Mike's Song > The Wedge > Weekapaug

Encore: Mighty Quinn
* FTP; Debut of a Frost (TAB song)
Times: Set 1 began at 8:07pm ET and ended at 9:31pm. Set 2 began at 10:02pm. The show ended at 11:36pm ET.

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Couch Tpur Recap: Alpharetta #2 - Wetlanta Beach Burgers
By Pauly

We began the night on couch tour with a crisp stream by Yasu. But he went AWOL and we got stuck with this "Squirrel" character, who was a trip but needs to stay away from the horse tranquilizers. He left the live stream going when he bailed for the toilet during Alaska (it's a Squirrel take a piss song) while muttering stuff about "beach burgers." We're just busting your balls Squirrel, we're lucky to have anything. Thanks for the rogue feed, brah.

Anyway... we were treated to 11-song opening set in roughly 85-mins. We got a couple of tour debuts and a new song -- Frost -- TAB tune that got called up to the big leagues for the first time. Standard Jim show opener and early set Moma to inject some funky dance grooves into the show. Divided Sky is like going to church.  Hoping they'd throw a few curveballs this show and got one with Gumbo! Too bad we didn't get Ginseng Sullivan in Atlanta (instead of Nellie Kane). Another debut of a TAB song -- Frost -- which was soundchecked earlier in the tour. I kind of like current TAB songs staying with TAB. The bigger band does a better job with it than the Fab 4. With that said, if they're gonna play a TAB song, how about Cayman Review? Phish would smoke the shit out of it. First Alaska of the tour. Decent mini-jam. Since we're on a first theme... first time for Guyute this summer. Did Page add the vocoder to Guyute run-up? Suzy rager to close the set.

via @Phish_FTR
PYITE set 2 opener. Dammit. Wanted to hear that in Chicago! Drowned > Water in the Sky was for everyone on the lawn enduring the rain. Another wet show. Gave up on Squirrel beach burger feed when his bro friend kept screaming and his feed got choppy. We jumped on Stork's feed. I was hoping to hear Energy in Chicago. Fish hopped on the electric Marimba again for Energy jam. First Fluff this tour with an added bonus Heartbreaker tease. Piper was rushed. I wondered why Fast Enough For You isn't played more? It's a much better late second set slow tune (to let Fish catch a breath) than some of the other buzzkills they've played the last few years. 2001 cropped up out of nowhere (didn't have the feel of a dance party night). Squirrel wanted more cowbell. Mike's Song became Mike's Wedge. Nice change-up for the lunch meat instead of Hydrogen/Simple. Encore was the first Mighty Quinn this tour. Rocking cover. Bob Dylan would be proud of Gordo.

Hotlanta run is over. Tour migrates up north to... Chicago. I'm hoping on tour. Can't wait. See ya in the lot...

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