Download PDF Hear, Listen, Play!: How to Free Your Students' Aural, Improvisation, and Performance Skills

Hear, Listen, Play! is a book for all music teachers who are unfamiliar with, yet curious about the worlds of ear-playing, informal learning, improvisation, and vernacular musics. For decades, or even hundreds of years, a divide has slowly been developing between the realms of notation-based musical transmission, and aural/oral methods. Yet that divide is by no means a necessary aspect of music learning, and musicians who are lucky enough to dwell on both sides of it count themselves as so much...

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(NEWER POSTS ARE BELOW THIS ONE) I keep this old post up top because, as one of the commenters says, it looks at the BIG picture of how we learn to play.
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Download link for Hear, Listen, Play!: How to Free Your Students' Aural, Improvisation, and Performance Skills by Lucy Green :

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