Monday Morning Key Bumps and Today in Phistory: 4/29/90 Woodbury

Worlds colliding! For today's Monday Morning Key Bump, let's go way back in the Phish time machine... to 1990. Yes, 1990. Phish played an outdoor show in Woodbury, CT and  I love the rustic setting with logs of firewood from behind the stage completely visible. The video quality is what you'd expect for the late 80s, but this is vintage Phish and includes trampolines during Walk Away and a wook'd-out Fishman performing a vac solo.

Tons of fashion disasters as my girlfriend pointed out like "Gordo's mustard yellow pants and Beastie Boys leather fedora," but she loved "Page's adorable sweater that would get preppy Ivy League girls weak in the knees."

Here's the setlist via
Phish 4.29.90 Woodbury, CT

Set 1: Carolina, Possum, Ya Mar, Y.E.M., Dinner and a Movie > Bouncin' , Uncle Pen, Divided Sky, Fluffhead, Walk Away, Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Lizards, Fire

Note: Fluffhead was a birthday dedication to "Sarah." Walk Away featured Trey and Mike on the trampolines. HYHU was played for the first time since March 1, 1989 (165 shows).

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